Consistently ranked as one of the top in the world, the ESSEC Master in Finance (MiF) is known for having a career-oriented approach that sets graduates up for success in the finance sector.

Alumni from over the years share how this has helped them and what they have done with the qualification.


Jitrapa Rodjanapattarakul (Peem)
Infrastructure Advisory

Peem joined the MiF program in 2021. She had spent three years at the capital project and infrastructure team at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Thailand and wanted to deepen her finance knowledge. Particularly beneficial for her were the guest speakers and the MiF Study trip.

“My previous role heavily involved project finance concepts, but I only understood it from the advisory point of view. The study trip allowed me to see the perspective of a finance lender and the key considerations that someone in that role would have,” she shares.

This knowledge, she adds, serves her well in her full-time position as senior associate at the Ernst & Young Global Limited (EY) infrastructure advisory team, where she uses her financial expertise to drive large-scale projects in Southeast Asia.


Matthieu Oro
M&A Analyst

One might have thought hunting for a job during the pandemic would be challenging. However, from the class of 2020, Matthieu landed an investment banking internship at Citibank. When it ended, he took on a full-time role as M&A Analyst at Rothschild & Co.

What made a difference was the preparation and support from ESSEC Career Services. “The finance sector is very competitive, and firms receive thousands of applications, so the slightest lack of preparation can make a difference,” he advises.

Besides receiving personalized feedback on his resume, he also attended mock interviews. This helped him understand his expected questions and how to make his responses stand out.

Having started work, he reflects on his time in the MiF program with gratitude. “The curriculum is adapted to the market expectations of companies, and when you start to work, you will realize what you are doing matches what you have learned,” he says.


Minh Canh (Dendi) Nguyen
Corporate Strategist

Dendi from the class of 2020 began connecting with ESSEC alumni even before joining the MiF program. One connection introduced him to a role as an intern for the asset management firm Ardian.

Later, when he graduated, a colleague at Ardian set him up for his first full-time finance role at the private equity firm Affirma.

This led him to where he is today: A strategy analyst at the global rental e-scooter company and micro-mobility technology developer, Neuron Mobility.

Although he’s moved away from a pure finance role, the gains from the MiF remain relevant. From analyzing market performance to determining the returns on product investments, “it all ties up to finance knowledge,” Dendi shares.

He adds that needing to work with teams across 25 cities is now a walk in the park—thanks to ESSEC’s global environment and focus on teamwork.