Join us on the Career Transitions podcast as we delve into the inspiring journey of Anne Langourieux, a seasoned leader who transitioned from a successful corporate career to becoming a catalyst for sustainability. In this episode, Anne shares her story of navigating career transitions, from her early days in multinational corporations to founding the Matcha Initiative, a nonprofit organization focused on accelerating sustainability in Singapore.

Episode Features

  • Pivotal moments and insights that shaped Anne’s career trajectory.
  • Learn about her formative years at ESSEC and her experiences in diverse industries.
  • The importance of purpose-driven leadership, building networks of mentors and peers, and finding fulfillment in making a positive impact.
  • Valuable lessons and inspiration from Anne’s journey of reinvention.
  • Significance of aligning passion with the profession and empowering others to drive meaningful change in their careers.

Don’t miss this enlightening conversation with Anne Langourieux, a true exemplar of purposeful leadership and sustainable innovation.

About the Podcast

Vanessa Iloste and Vanessa Teo are HR leaders passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. Over the years, they’ve coached many people through life and career transitions, which has ignited their interest in the topic. They are fascinated with the science behind change and curious to understand the trends and patterns of successful transitions. They will bring together guests from all walks of life who have been through crucial career stages. They hope you will be inspired by learning from the experiences of others, including business leaders, executive coaches, and experts.

The podcast series is co-produced by ESSEC Asia-Pacific and Career Chrysalis.