Master in Finance (MiF) students from the Cergy and Asia-Pacific campuses embarked on an illuminating journey to Hong Kong.

ESSEC Asia-Pacific’s Career Services team meticulously curated the journey to offer an immersive experience into the professional realm awaiting these students, from giants like Credit Agricole to the dynamic arena of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

They delved into the intricacies of the financial market, commercial international banking, and fintech alongside top global firms, thus acquiring priceless experience.

This study trip stands out for its multifaceted exploration of finance industries and the depth of engagement with seasoned professionals.

The MiF students actively participated, probed, and networked with industry leaders, gaining invaluable career insights, advice, and inspiration for their future trajectories.

Their visits to these establishments provided a rich blend of experiential learning and profound industry perspectives.

Each stop on their itinerary was handpicked to expose the students to diverse facets of the finance landscape, empowering them with practical knowledge and strategic insights to navigate their future endeavors confidently.


Day 1: HSBC
Day 2: KKR
Day 3: Credit Agricole
Day 4: Networking night
Day 5: HKEX

Day 1: Immersion into a Major Financial Institution


At the HSBC office in Hong Kong.

The first day of the study trip opened with a thrilling immersion into the heart of finance as the MiF students entered the prestigious halls of HSBC.

Welcomed warmly by the team, their day started with an illuminating company presentation, offering them a comprehensive insight into HSBC’s workings.

From understanding the intricacies of HSBC’s operations to delving into its myriad career opportunities, the students were encouraged to ask questions and engage with seasoned professionals.

At the HSBC office in Hong Kong.

This interactive session broadened their understanding of the industry and provided invaluable networking opportunities, allowing the students to forge connections with employees who generously shared their expertise and experiences.

Moreover, amidst the bustling atmosphere, the students had the chance to glean industry news and insights, offering a unique perspective distinct from their experiences in Singapore and France.

Overall, the inaugural day at HSBC was a remarkable experience, setting the tone for an enriching journey into finance’s dynamic world.

Day 2: Unveiling Private Equity Strategies


MiF professor Peng Xu, left, at the KKR office in Hong Kong.

Stepping into the world of private equity giants, the MiF students were instantly captivated by the energy and expertise that permeated the atmosphere.

The day unfolded with a bespoke itinerary to offer the students a firsthand glimpse into KKR’s innovative investment strategies and transformative approach to finance.

From insightful discussions on deal structuring to in-depth analyses of market trends, every moment spent at KKR was a masterclass in financial acumen.

But what truly set this experience apart was the opportunity to engage directly with KKR professionals, whose passion and insights illuminated our understanding of the industry.

At the KKR office in Hong Kong.

Amidst the buzz of the bustling offices, the students were immersed in a dynamic exchange of ideas, forging connections that transcended geographical boundaries.

As they soaked in the expertise of seasoned veterans and emerging talents alike, it became clear that their journey with KKR was not just about learning but about embracing the boundless possibilities of finance and charting our path to success.

With each interaction and revelation, the students were reminded of the transformative power of knowledge and the endless opportunities in finance.

As they bid farewell to KKR, they carried a wealth of insights, a newfound sense of purpose, and excitement for the journey ahead.

Day 3: Exploring a Leading International Bank

At Credit Agricole

At the Credit Agricole office in Hong Kong.

The day at Credit Agricole commenced with an overview of the bank’s rich history and global footprint, followed by an in-depth analysis of its diverse financial products and services.

The MiF students were captivated by the breadth and depth of its operations.

What truly distinguished the students’ experience at Credit Agricole was the emphasis on practical learning and real-world applications.

Through engaging workshops and hands-on activities, the students learned about the intricacies of investment banking, risk management, and wealth management, gaining invaluable insights into the complexities of the financial industry.

Moreover, their visit to Credit Agricole provided unique networking opportunities, allowing them to connect with professionals at various levels of the organization.

Each interaction offered a glimpse into the bank’s diverse career paths and opportunities from seasoned executives to recent graduates.

Day 4: Rubbing Shoulders with Industry Professionals

Networking night

On the fourth day of the MiF students’ journey, they eagerly anticipated a networking night that was both insightful and enriching.

As the sun set over the city skyline, they gathered with alumni and professionals from various financial industry sectors representing companies and organizations.

The evening began with excitement and anticipation as students mingled with alumni and industry professionals.

Recent graduates carving their paths in the finance world and seasoned veterans with years of experience added depth to the ensuing conversations.

Throughout the night, the students engaged in lively discussions, exchanging ideas, insights, and experiences that spanned the breadth of the financial landscape.

From investment banking to asset management, from fintech startups to established financial institutions, each conversation offered a unique glimpse into the industry’s opportunities and challenges.

As the night progressed, bonds were forged, connections were made, and friendships were formed.

The networking night was a valuable learning, growth, and mentorship opportunity.

Day 5: Inside a Major Stock Exchange


At the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

The last day began with a warm welcome from the HKEX team, setting the stage for an immersive experience.

From the moment the MiF students entered the iconic building, they were enveloped in an atmosphere pulsating with the energy of the financial markets.

The itinerary unfolded with enlightening sessions tailored to our interests and aspirations.

Through insightful presentations and interactive discussions, the students gained a deeper understanding of HKEX’s pivotal role in shaping the region’s financial landscape and global impact.

But what made our experience unforgettable was the firsthand opportunity to witness the inner workings of one of the world’s leading stock exchanges.

From the trading floor to the boardroom, the students were granted exclusive behind-the-scenes insights, allowing them to see how transactions were executed and make real-time decisions.

At the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong.

As the day progressed, the students were engrossed in conversations with HKEX professionals. Each exchange offered a glimpse into the intricate tapestry of Hong Kong’s financial ecosystem.

From seasoned traders to visionary leaders, their stories and experiences vividly depict the opportunities and challenges ahead in our finance careers.

As the students bid farewell to HKEX, they carried with us a newfound appreciation for the financial markets’ dynamism and endless possibilities.

Although the study trip had ended, their journey had just begun. The lessons learned, and connections made at HKEX would undoubtedly shape their paths as future finance leaders.

A Transformative Journey into the World of Finance

The study trip to Hong Kong was an enriching experience that gave MiF students a comprehensive understanding of the financial industry.

Each day offered unique insights and invaluable learning opportunities, from the intricate workings of major financial institutions to the dynamic strategies of private equity firms.

Students were exposed to the theoretical aspects of finance and gained practical knowledge through hands-on workshops and real-world applications.

The diverse itinerary, which included visits to leading banks, private equity firms, and a major stock exchange, ensured a well-rounded exploration of the financial landscape.

Networking was pivotal throughout the trip, with students engaging with seasoned professionals and industry leaders.

These interactions provided career advice, mentorship, and the chance to build connections to benefit their future careers.

The study trip highlighted the importance of global exposure in shaping the perspectives and aspirations of finance students.

The experiences and knowledge gained in Hong Kong have equipped the MiF students with the confidence and skills to navigate the complex world of finance and pursue their career goals with renewed vigor and clarity.

Overall, this transformative journey underscored the commitment of ESSEC Asia-Pacific to provide its students with exceptional opportunities for professional growth and development, preparing them to become the next generation of leaders in the financial industry.