In the season finale of Career Transitions, we walk down memory lane and explore the personal career stories of podcast hosts Vanessa Iloste, an ESSEC Business School alumna, and Vanessa Teo.

Episode Features

  • Vanessa Iloste’s Journey: Discover how Vanessa Iloste.’s decision to attend ESSEC Business School in France set her on a path to global experiences and career adventures, including studying in Japan.
  • Challenges and Triumphs: Vanessa shares her challenges and the support she received from her family and the ESSEC network, highlighting the importance of resilience and exploration.
  • Key Learnings and Tips: Both Vanessas reflect on the transformative power of continuing education and offer valuable tips for anyone considering further education.
  • Gain Motivation: Get inspired by our hosts’ personal stories and experiences.
  • Get Actionable Advice: Gain practical tips on navigating career transitions and the benefits of continuing education.
  • Global Perspective: Understand the importance of a global mindset in today’s career landscape.

Tune in for an episode filled with heartfelt stories, practical advice, and the infectious enthusiasm of our hosts as they recount their journeys and offer guidance for your career transitions.

About the Podcast

Vanessa Iloste and Vanessa Teo are HR leaders passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. Over the years, they’ve coached many people through life and career transitions, which has ignited their interest in the topic. They are fascinated with the science behind change and curious to understand the trends and patterns of successful transitions. They will bring together guests from all walks of life who have been through crucial career stages. They hope you will be inspired by learning from the experiences of others, including business leaders, executive coaches, and experts.

The podcast series is co-produced by ESSEC Asia-Pacific and Career Chrysalis.