• Alexis Maissant joined the ESSEC SMIB program to pursue his dream of becoming a consultant specializing in ESG.
  • He chose the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus because of the region’s growth potential.
  • Benefited from industry exposure and the strong ESSEC network.

Before joining ESSEC Business School, Alexis Maissant completed a master’s in data science engineering, specializing in fintech, and was a risk data analyst for Arval BNP Paribas Group. His experiences built his interest in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG). In 2021, he joined the Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB) at ESSEC Asia-Pacific to help him move closer to becoming a consultant in the growing sector.

Today, he is a strategy consulting intern at Arup Singapore, a global collective of designers, engineering and sustainability consultants, advisors, and experts dedicated to sustainable development—a position he credits the SMIB program for helping him achieve.

What made you choose the SMIB program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific?

I knew I wanted to work in consulting and chose ESSEC because of the school’s reputation for providing high-quality courses. The Asia-Pacific campus appealed to me mainly because of its location in Southeast Asia, an incredibly fast-paced market with high potential.

Singapore’s significance as a business hub and diverse population made it the ideal place for me to start a career in ESG. I felt that being present in Singapore would help me learn more about the challenges of ESG with an Asian focus.

How did the SMIB program bring you closer to your career goals?

ESSEC enabled me to get work experience through the Asian Strategy Challenge (ASC), a business development consulting mission where I worked with Decathlon. During this project, I led a team of two, built relationships with clients, assessed opportunities, and developed roadmaps for the company.

The experience equipped me with consulting skills, gave me insights into my strengths and weaknesses, and taught me how to improve professionally. This has helped me grow tremendously as both a leader and a consultant.

Did being part of the ESSEC family help in your career search?

ESSEC’s reputation in Asia and among Europeans adds credibility to any application, which helped me reach the first interview stage.

It helps that many ESSEC alumni are located in Singapore or around Asia-Pacific, so they’re there to share their professional stories.

Professors are also highly available, and they will find time to meet with you outside of class so you can ask them questions. I reached out to alumni and professors whenever I needed career advice or help with applying for jobs.

Looking back, what did you enjoy most about your time at ESSEC?

I am glad that I was able to build such a great network and befriend amazing people from around the world. With more than 10 nationalities in a class, the diversity was very representative of the work environment in Singapore.

It helped me learn about different cultures, become more open-minded, and learn how to work well in a group.

The campus’ small size also made it easier to build close relationships with students from other Master’s programs. Whether doing company projects or going out together, we learned from each other and developed close bonds.

Overall, I’d say that the faculty and my fellow coursemates at ESSEC are incredibly inspiring, and they have pushed me to aim for only the very best.

Could you share some career advice for future SMIB students?

I would tell them to build strong networks. Networking is not just about meeting people to get an internship or a job– it’s about understanding their journey.