Yumi Mahoux-Nakamura, an ESSEC Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) student, has shown remarkable determination in securing top internships with LVMH.

Her experience spans from retail roles at Christian Dior Couture to supply chain at LVMH, showcasing her adaptability and comprehensive understanding of the luxury industry.

Yumi’s proactive networking secured her current role as a data intern at Parfums Christian Dior, where she builds dashboards and automates processes that aid different departments.

ESSEC’s support has been key in Yumi’s career, and the school’s reputation has opened doors to esteemed internships.

Starting her studies in Singapore, she gained diverse cultural and professional experiences, enhancing her global perspective and employability.

She chose ESSEC for its practical, international focus and the double degree with Keio University.

Yumi’s dual degree from ESSEC and Keio University and her multicultural background provides a unique edge in the competitive job market, emphasizing the value of authentic self-representation during the interview process.

Why did you choose to join ESSEC?

I chose ESSEC because, more than being a renowned school, I wanted to go abroad and gain as much international experience as possible.

Moreover, I wanted to do something practical rather than theoretical, which ESSEC offers with mandatory internships.

From the beginning, the double degree with Keio University and the option to start my studies in Singapore caught my attention.

So, when I got accepted to ESSEC, it was not even a question; I knew I would go.

As you come closer to graduation, what are your current career goals?

I am still figuring out what I like and see myself doing, which explains why I am doing so many internships. I have met many inspiring people at school or during my internships who inspire me to do my best.

What do you do at Christian Dior? Describe your day as a data intern.

As a data analyst at Parfums Christian Dior, I build dashboards and automate processes to help different departments understand and monitor business activity.

I also help with new projects, providing insights on our data to my colleagues.

My tasks vary from weekly and monthly routines to daily assignments from my colleagues.

How did you secure this internship?

Before this internship, I was already interning at LVMH, but in the supply chain department.

When that internship ended, I talked with the data team manager, who offered to let me join his team if interested.

How did ESSEC support you in finding this internship?

ESSEC helped me find all my internships because employers trust ESSEC students.

Moreover, LVMH wanted someone who could work in a group while taking the initiative because the managers can be busy.

When I had little experience, I used to illustrate this by giving the example of the merch club, where I was the president.

How is it different from your past internship at LVMH?

My third internship is at LVMH. In Singapore, with Christian Dior Couture, my focus was primarily on retail.

This internship served as my initiation into the luxury industry, providing invaluable insights into our target audience and the maintenance of brand identity in client interactions, product management, stock monitoring, and merchandising.

Transitioning to the supply chain department of LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics marked a shift from the retail environment to an office setting.

Despite my unfamiliarity with supply chain operations, this experience underscored its significance.

I learned about inventory management, warehouse optimization, international logistics, and the environmental considerations involved in transportation decisions.

Can you elaborate more?

Witnessing the journey of products from production to store shelves provided a holistic understanding of the company’s operations.

This internship emphasized protocol adherence and meticulous attention to detail in forecasting and procurement processes.

My current internship diverges significantly as it revolves around data analysis.

Unlike the previous operational roles, this position involves constant adaptation to fluctuating sales data, continuous analysis, dashboard refinement, and automation initiatives.

The dynamic nature of data-driven tasks offers a new perspective on business insights and strategic decision-making.

Share your Keio University Double-degree experience and how the experience contributed to your development.

This double degree has helped me educationally and professionally. For example, it helped me get my internship.

French managers who know ESSEC and Japanese managers who know Keio trust the schools. Having both names on my CV, paired with my dual nationality, is helpful.

If we talk about the non-professional aspect, living here and not just visiting helped me see sides of Japan that I hadn’t seen before.

What tips do you have for students to excel in their internship?

I think students should not be scared to contact people to get an internship and apply for offers even if their profile doesn’t perfectly match the job description because you never know.

“If you don’t ask, the answer will always be no.” Another tip would be not to be afraid to show who they are during the interview.

I do my best to show exactly who I am during an interview; I want them to hire me because they like me, not because they like the person I created during the interview.