Marie Hotton grew up in Hong Kong and completed her Bachelor’s degree at ESCP Business School.

She studied at the school’s London, Madrid, Paris, and Berlin campuses during this time.

These experiences made her a firm believer in the value of international perspectives.

So, when she was looking for a Master in Finance (MiF) program to help her break into the industry, ESSEC Business School and its Singapore campus immediately caught her eye.

She shares her experience moving back to Asia and why the MiF program is ideal for aspiring finance professionals.

Was it difficult to ease into a new life in Singapore?

I was most anxious about the distance from friends and family back home.

The thought of being in a faraway and different cultural context was daunting, and I was worried that I would find like-minded individuals with whom to establish meaningful connections.

ESSEC helped make the transition smoother.

The pre-arrival team was incredibly supportive and provided valuable information and assistance on accommodation, transport, and culture.

The induction activities also allowed me to connect with fellow incoming students and foster a sense of camaraderie before the academic journey began.

How has your time at ESSEC Asia-Pacific offered you global exposure?

I’ve had the opportunity to interact with classmates from around the globe.

Each one brings unique perspectives, cultural insights, and professional experiences.

The collaborative nature of the Master in Finance program has broadened my cultural awareness, and I believe I can better navigate a multicultural business environment now.

How is ESSEC different from your previous schools?

The MiF class size is about 35 students. This fosters a more interactive and personalized learning experience.

There is also tailored support through additional resources, targeted feedback, or guidance on specific career paths. This approach creates an environment where students feel valued and empowered to excel.

ESSEC is also strongly committed to providing practical insights. For example, we talk with industry professionals every week. This exposes us to the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the field.

It also helps us go beyond classroom lessons, build valuable connections with professionals, and gain a more holistic understanding of the subjects we learn.

In addition, in October 2023, the MiF cohort had the privilege of attending a series of private events hosted by JP Morgan, Ardian, Groupe Crédit Agricole, and Mastercard.

During these events, we attended presentations by representatives from different business units. This gave us a deeper understanding of different functions in finance and provided platforms for us to network.

Besides these events, how else has ESSEC supported your future career?

The career services team sends weekly emails highlighting internship opportunities in Singapore.

This proactive approach keeps me well-informed about the latest openings in my field of interest—sales and trading.

I also leveraged the extensive MiF alumni network to connect with professionals in the field.

The alumni network has been a valuable resource for guidance and insights, ultimately helping me secure an internship as a Convertible Bonds and Equity Derivatives Sales Assistant at Natixis Corporate & Investment Banking in Paris!

Sum up your experience with the MiF program for future students.

The MiF program is designed to provide abundant opportunities for academic excellence and career development: it connects you with a network of remarkable individuals and professionals from around the globe.

These connections enrich your knowledge about the industry and open doors to valuable insights and mentorship!