After graduating with a degree in psychology, Thai national Patsachon Niyomthai went on to work at a mix of multinational and local companies.

She also started an online business selling dog leashes.

Four years into the working world, she developed a keen interest in digital marketing and began dabbling with expanding her dog business.

Realizing that she needed formal training to develop her skill set, she chose the ESSEC MSc Marketing Management and Digital (MMD) program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific.

Why did you choose the ESSEC MMD program?

I’m passionate about dogs, and I hope to grow my side business by ultimately opening a dog park in Thailand.

The experiences and skills gained at the MMD program will help me with this!

I also liked that the program is in Singapore. I’m from Thailand, which is nearby, so I can return home quickly if the need arises.

I’m also super comfortable here in Singapore because I’ve visited many times before.

What are your favorite parts about the program so far?

I love the industry projects we are working on. It feels great to be working on something real and seeing how the strategies we’ve presented translate to actual business decisions.

For example, one of our projects involved working on branding strategies for the French perfume brand Maison 21G.

We visited their workshop to learn how they operated and spoke to brand representatives to understand their needs better.

We created a strategy from scratch and presented it to the company’s management.

The experience taught me how to work backward to solve problems. I also learned to develop strategies and plans from a marketing perspective.

I’ve gained a clearer understanding of how to be more specific and analytical, which I felt I was lacking before joining ESSEC.

How have you experienced the diversity on campus?

It’s been really good! My close circle comprises people from China, India, and Russia.

We met when we grouped up for a project. Learning about their cultures and teaching them about mine has been eye-opening.

For example, my Indian friend invited me to celebrate Diwali with her. It was my first time participating in the festival, and I loved it.

I’ve found that having friends from different cultures also means that everyone brings different perspectives to the project, which has made our discussions more creative and intense.

Advice for students who may be considering joining the MMD?

If you’re looking to work in digital marketing or at a luxury brand, MMD is the program for you.

There’s no need to worry if you feel you’re weaker in some areas or lack a certain background because the professors are helpful and will actively assist you.

There are compulsory modules in core areas like economics and finance to ensure you build a good foundation. So don’t be afraid!