While doing a dual degree in business administration and law at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Justina Hu juggled her schoolwork with working as a sales associate for the luxury brand Montblanc.

She also spent a semester at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, where she interned at a public relations agency handling the fashion industry.

These experiences developed her interest in the luxury sector. Upon graduation, after working as a broker at financial services firm Aon for around a year, Justina found her way to the ESSEC Master in Management (MiM) program to chase her dreams.

Why did you choose the ESSEC MiM program?

I still felt that I lacked knowledge and needed a dynamic but international experience to broaden my horizons.

The ESSEC MiM program is one of the most prestigious in the world, and by providing us with the freedom, knowledge, and guidance to make our choices, the MiM program will enable me to open up more options for my future.

Furthermore, the school has an Asia-Pacific campus. I liked that I could continue in a European education system I am familiar with but also meet people from different places and live in an Asian country.

What about the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus appealed to you?

As a second-generation Asian immigrant in Europe, I thought it would only be natural to come to Asia and experience the region first-hand.

Singapore appealed to me because it is a rising business hub and one of the most popular international destinations in the world.

Also, as I am fluent in English and Mandarin, it would be easier to adapt.

How has the campus lived up to your expectations?

It’s comfortable living here. People don’t assume where you are from or your ethnicity and are genuinely interested in understanding more about you.

As it’s a small cohort, we have also gotten to know each other quickly. In addition, the Career Services team knows which industries each student is interested in and considers that when organizing events.

I’m interested in both luxury and consulting and have been able to attend networking events with companies like Dior and Givenchy, where we can engage with the company representatives.

I like Singapore and plan to apply for the Asian Strategy Consulting Project (ASCP)* in September, so I’ll stay until the end of the year!

*The ASCP is an opportunity for MiM students to act as consultants and help solve real-world business problems. It is available exclusively to MiM students at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus.

MiM students often cite flexibility as one of their favorite parts of the program. How have you experienced this?

I applied to ESSEC to find a career in the luxury sector. However, after joining, I opted for the Fintech Track because it would offer me in-demand Python and machine learning skills.

When I ultimately decided I didn’t want to work in finance, the flexibility allowed me to switch to the Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Sustainability Track instead.

As I can design my own MiM journey, I plan to complete my core courses in Singapore and travel to the Cergy campus for the LVMH Chair.

Could you share about one of your biggest takeaways so far?

Seeing the importance of being transdisciplinary during iMagination Week has been the most impactful for me. We’re usually surrounded by people like us from the business world.

Still, during iMagination week, we met people from different industries and got their insights on how they would approach various problems in the world.

There was a marine scientist and a comedian—but my personal favorite was meeting entrepreneur and chef Janice Wong, who shared how she combined her business background with her dreams of working with chocolate.

The experience showed me that we should incorporate as many perspectives as possible in projects because each person has a unique view and insight.

Could you give me some advice for future MiM students?

Be open-minded. Don’t just hang out with people from your country. Instead, try to make the most out of the community—it’s small enough for you to get to know each other very quickly, and that’s the best part of being in Singapore!