Lorenzo Valenti grew up in Italy, pursued his bachelor’s degree in London, and did a one-year exchange program in the USA before joining ESSEC Asia-Pacific’s MSc in Marketing Management and Digital (MMD) in 2021.

With a perfect GPA of 4.0, a wealth of luxury experience to his name, and a burning passion for the precious stones industry, it is no wonder he has secured a prestigious internship as a product manager for Cartier’s high-end jewelry division.

What fascinates you about the luxury industry?

My first experience interning in the luxury sector exposed me to the world of jewelry and gemstones, and I was really taken by the designs and work done. My ideal role is in product development for high-end jewelry, so my internship is definitely a step in the right direction.

In what ways did ESSEC provide you with opportunities to develop both soft and hard skills?

This is especially valuable because I was looking at a niche sector of high-end jewelry. I had a clear objective of what I wanted to do and the type of internship I was looking for, which also limited my options. Talking about what I learned during my course and all the hands-on projects, like the Digital Marketing Challenge and the luxury brand module, helped during interviews.

What makes ESSEC’s Marketing Professor incredibly inspiring to you?

Prof. Sonja Prokopec goes beyond teaching the fundamentals of luxury brand management—very much aligned with the roles I aspire to have in the future—she was able to share her genuine passion for this dynamic industry with us. I was particularly moved by how she took us to the Singapore Van Cleef & Arpels exhibition. It was a closed-door exhibition with limited seats, and she got the entire class access!

How do you think diversity contributes to creativity?

We worked in multicultural teams for most of our projects, and having teammates from different countries made the ideas more innovative. I think if you have a team of just five Italians, all of whom come from a similar background, they’ll have a similar mindset and come up with similar ideas.

How has the international cohort at ESSEC helped you develop cultural sensitivity?

This is useful because I believe I’ll work in international teams in the future and be in touch with people worldwide. Especially in senior positions, respecting and embracing cultural differences will be essential.

Why did you find Business Week interesting, mainly focusing on luxury companies?

A good mix of big and smaller firms from the luxury, tech, and even consulting sectors came down to share their work. Even though I had a clear goal and direction, I know other people who were not, so having an event like this would be very beneficial in helping them decide on their next steps. It was also inspiring that many of them were ESSEC alumni—because maybe I’ll be on stage sharing like them one day.

Can you share your experiences regarding the openness and willingness of ESSEC alumni to help other students?

I found that simply because of our common background, we had both studied at ESSEC—they would be willing to get in touch, chat, discuss, and share their knowledge. I’m guessing this will be the same in the future and might even help me open some doors!