Emma Arlandis was born in France but lived in Singapore for eight years before returning to Europe for her bachelor’s degree. Studying at ESCP Business School brought her to London, Turin, and Berlin, honing her cross-cultural competencies and shaping her perspective as a true global citizen.

Armed with a dream to work in Asia’s luxury industry, she eventually returned to Asia to pursue an MSc in Marketing Management and Digital (MMD) program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific.

Today, Emma is an e-retail project assistant at Shiseido, responsible for the NARS and Drunk Elephant brands.

What inspired you to start the Chinese Society at ESCP during your bachelor’s degree?

This involved organizing events and classes for students with the Confucius Institute of London. The experience helped me understand how speaking Mandarin would open doors for my future career, and I was excited to be able to study the language at ESSEC.

Why was the MMD program your first choice, particularly its focus on the Asian market?

Of course, the program also offers a wide range of courses that interest me, and ESSEC has an excellent reputation in the luxury industry. The alumni network and prospects of having company visits at leading companies were also an appeal.

Can you explain why you weren’t concerned about securing an internship?

The career services team at ESSEC taught us how to write a solid resume and prepared us well for our interviews. Students also have access to the vast network of ESSEC alumni and the ESSEC Jobteaser platform, both of which open the doors to excellent internship opportunities. I didn’t need to use these channels, though— I found my internship on the Shiseido website. The process went smoothly for me. After applying, an interview was scheduled within a week, and my offer came a few days later.

What aspects of the MMD program’s assessment through group projects do you appreciate the most?

We had to handle multiple projects for several classes simultaneously, which taught me to multi-task. The international student body also enhanced my ability to work in multicultural teams. Overall, I’d say that the MMD experience was perfect for me to gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience I need to pursue my career goals.

How did being selected for the L’Oréal Leadership and Diversity chair become a significant highlight of your ESSEC journey?

This allowed me to work with students from the ESSEC Cergy campus on a six-month project for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. I learned more about ageism and met with several employees from L’Oréal, including the international general manager, who was there for our final presentation!

Although I worked on various industry-related projects, this one was the biggest highlight of my time in ESSEC APAC—it was a significant first step into the professional world and has given me valuable insights into what working in the luxury industry is like.

(The ESSEC Chairs are ordinarily open to Master in Management students at the Cergy campus. However, exceptional students like Emma may qualify.)

What are your parting words or advice for future ESSEC MMD students?

Take full advantage of the MMD program’s experience to build your network and deepen your cultural intelligence. Be courageous because the ESSEC experience will empower you to reach your career goals.