Second-year Global BBA student from South Korea, Eun Li Seo, dreams of exploring diverse cultures and eventually establishing her own career coaching and mentoring firm. She shares how getting on the coveted Dean’s List has been a step in the right direction.

Was it always your goal to make it to the Dean’s List?

To be honest, I was not specifically aiming for it. It was only when I decided to apply for the double degree program with Guanghua School of Management at Peking University (PKU) in Beijing and PKU Future Leaders Program that I began working towards it.

I believe being on the Dean’s List helped me get into the competitive PKU Future Leaders Program and that it will give me a competitive advantage in the professional world in the future. For example, when I apply for internships, being on the Dean’s List shows that I am diligent and responsible!

What was the most challenging part about getting on the Dean’s List?

The most difficult part was balancing spending time with family and friends with my schoolwork. That said, I knew that challenges would be inevitable, so I try to look at things positively and take things one step at a time.

For example, I celebrate when I achieve different learning goals, encourage myself to keep going when things are difficult, and always try to devote myself fully to what I am doing—whether it is studying or spending time with my family and friends.

Is it all work and no play?

Definitely not! There are some people who think Dean’s List students are “geniuses” or “nerds”, but that isn’t true. We don’t score high marks without preparation and hard work. We also don’t study all the time. I really enjoy spending my free time reading books and novels, watching videos online, hanging out with family and friends, and dancing—which has been a hobby of mine since I was seven years old.

Have you grown through the process and your time in ESSEC?

I used to be too shy to express my opinion. But after joining ESSEC Asia-Pacific, I’ve become more open-minded and assertive. I believe the interactive class discussions have made me more confident in speaking up and voicing my ideas.

How do your parents feel about your accomplishments?

They are very proud! Their trust and support encourages me to do better and I appreciate that they do not pressure me about my studies. Instead, they have always reminded me that my life is my responsibility—this is why I believe in taking ownership of my actions and constantly striving to do better.

Any tips for other students?

Make a to-do list for school work. I am a list-maker and planner. By managing all the deadlines with to-do lists, I can easily distribute my time and resources to complete my work. I also set an alarm for important assignments or schedules a few hours before the actual deadline so I don’t forget!