Eun Li Seo is not one to back down from a challenge. When the Peking University (PKU) double degree program piqued her interest, the exclusivity didn’t worry her.

She doubled down on her efforts, brought her grades up, and landed on ESSEC’s Dean’s List to secure herself a position.

Similarly, when she set her sights on an internship at digital asset firm FBG Capital, her prior lack of experience in IT and finance didn’t stand in her way.

Leveraging her strengths to convince the company to take a chance on her, Eun Li worked hard to reassure them that they made the right decision.

The Global Bachelor in Business Administration (GBBA) student shares her experience.

How did the experiences at ESSEC help your internship search?

The career workshops from my first year, specifically in interview preparation and crafting an effective CV, proved to be invaluable in equipping me with the skills and knowledge to present myself professionally.

Being on the Dean’s list also testified to my dedication and responsibility as a student, as it demonstrated I had discipline in my pursuits.

Was it a challenge that you didn’t have direct IT or finance experience?

I highlighted how my overall skill set could be transferable during the interview.

I also emphasized my adaptability and enthusiasm for learning about the evolving Web 3.0 landscape.

I also committed to learning about the Web 3.0 landscape. I immersed myself in Web 3.0 literature, attended webinars, and sought mentorship from colleagues.

This helped me adapt and contribute more effectively to my role.

Could you share with us what you did to go above and beyond?

For example, my FBG role didn’t involve marketing at first. As a portfolio management intern, I conducted research to support our investment decisions, provide insights into opportunities, and help shape investment strategies.

However, I wanted to learn more and proactively sought opportunities to take on marketing tasks alongside my portfolio management responsibilities.

Now, I’m organizing and managing online communities for crypto projects. This has helped me develop a more holistic understanding of the digital investment landscape.

What was the impact of being at ESSEC?

Only when I started interning, did I appreciate the wide range of subjects covered in my first two school years?

ESSEC has given me a well-rounded understanding of business practices, including the foundational knowledge needed to navigate the corporate world.

I also realized that ESSEC’s emphasis on group projects has dramatically enhanced my communication and collaboration skills.

These skills are indispensable in my day-to-day responsibilities, especially when collaborating with cross-functional teams and managing diverse projects.