This week, we will discuss how to overcome or at least minimize nervousness in an interview.

First, please know that it is natural to be nervous during an interview, especially if it is a role you really want.

The key to calming your nerves is preparation and practice. There are four main components to be aware of.


The first is to plan the logistics ahead of the interview. This may seem basic, but it is essential to know where you are going, how to get there, how long it takes, and what you will wear to the interview.

Showing up to an interview late is a fatal mistake. Running late to an interview will increase the stress level unnecessarily.

Due to the pandemic, most interviews are now online. We think you should have a quiet and adequately lit room.

You should also be able to test your equipment and ensure you have a good internet connection.

Having to face technical issues during an interview will also increase your stress level unnecessarily.


The second component is to research about the company.

If available, we recommend you set aside an hour to review the company’s website, press releases, quarterly earnings announcements, and annual reports.

Then, could you do a search on the company to see if it has been in the news for any reason and read as many articles as possible?

Actually, the best source of research is talking to someone in the company if you’ve been able to network before the interview.

This preparation will give you more confidence during the interview, as nothing surprises you.


The third component is preparing a list of likely interview questions.

Many online resources have lists of the most popular interview questions, and for more prominent companies, there will be information specific to the types of questions the company may ask.

We will dive deeper into the types of interview questions in a future career tip.


Finally, an excellent way to reduce nervousness is to practice. You can practice answering the most likely interview questions in front of the mirror.

We think you should sit in front of a mirror or record a video of yourself answering questions. This will give you a chance to observe how you respond.

By practicing specific questions multiple times, you can fine-tune your answer.

The other way to practice is to approach a coach and have them do a mock interview with you. Mock interviews will give you confidence before the actual interview.


To recap, interviews are stressful for most people, and nervousness is natural. To calm your nerves, we recommend preparation and practice. This will reduce unnecessary stress and build your confidence ahead of the interview. We wish you all the best as we enter the interview season.

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