Contemplating a Master’s program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific and keen to experience life in Singapore? The ESSEC APAC Guide to Living in Singapore podcast series is your passport to this vibrant city-state, providing prospective students with crucial insights into thriving in one of Asia’s key educational and cultural hubs.

In the newest episode, “Food and Dining,” host Joe Escobedo is joined by guest Abhiraj Verma from India—a Student Ambassador from the Master in Management (MiM) program at the Singapore campus.

Abhiraj shares many personal experiences and insights about Singapore’s famous food scene. Joe’s personable and engaging interviewing style, coupled with Abhiraj’s on-ground experience, makes for a captivating listen, full of valuable takeaways for students preparing to make Singapore their home.

As a gastronomic paradise renowned for its cultural diversity, Singapore’s food scene is an exciting topic to explore. From hawker centers serving a variety of local delicacies to fine-dining restaurants that showcase international cuisine, Singapore has something for every palate.

In this intriguing episode, Abhiraj guides listeners through his culinary adventures in the city, touching upon his favorite local dishes, food etiquette, and notable food-centric events.
Building on previous episodes’ themes of “Thriving and Living” and “Housing and Rental,” the “Food and Dining” episode presents a fresh, mouthwatering perspective on student life in Singapore.

The podcast series aims to smooth the transition for international students by providing a comprehensive guide to life in the city, whether finding accommodation, navigating local customs, or immersing in the local culinary delights.

Abhiraj’s first-hand experiences and engaging anecdotes bring to life the vibrant textures and flavors of Singapore’s food scene, offering an invaluable resource for anyone considering a move to the city.

His experiences, coupled with the informative discussions with Joe, help paint a vivid, engaging picture of the city’s gastronomic landscape, offering a taste of what awaits students in Singapore.

Dive into the podcast series and start envisioning your Singaporean journey. Whether it’s a detailed guide to Singapore’s housing market or a gastronomic tour of the city, this series ensures that your move to Singapore is both exciting and seamless.

With the series as your guide, you’ll gain a deep understanding of life in the city, helping you feel at home even before you arrive.

Ready to embark on your culinary journey in Singapore? Step into the vibrant world of this city-state, armed with insights from those who have already walked the path. The podcast series is your essential guide to the ins and outs of student life in the country.