Are you considering enrolling in ESSEC Asia-Pacific’s Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) degree in Singapore? The ESSEC APAC Guide to Living in Singapore podcast series is your ideal companion, offering a wealth of knowledge about living in this vibrant country.

The latest episode, “Traveling Around Singapore”, provides a deep dive into Singapore’s efficient transport systems and offers insights into regional travel.

In this riveting episode, host Joe Escobedo is joined by Cai Jiayin from China—a Student Ambassador from the GBBA program at the Singapore campus. Their engaging dialogue lends a detailed perspective on the city-state’s transport system, covering buses, trains, and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) network.

The duo also discusses the convenience of ride-hailing and ride-sharing apps, alongside the ease of traveling outside Singapore to destinations like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Joe’s amiable demeanor, combined with Jiayin’s rich experience as a student living in Singapore, brings an enlightening perspective to anyone considering Singapore as their study destination.

Jiayin’s first-hand experiences and practical advice offer listeners a valuable guide to mastering the city’s sophisticated transportation network.

The episode goes beyond the city’s borders, discussing the ease of travel to nearby countries, a notable advantage for students wishing to explore more Southeast Asia during their studies. Jiayin’s tips for efficient regional travel are invaluable, offering listeners insights on planning their trips for maximum adventure and minimum hassle.

Following the success of the previous episodes, “Thriving and Living” and “Housing and Rental,” this episode continues to equip students with practical knowledge about living in Singapore.

The podcast series aims to ease your transition into this dynamic city, providing an encompassing guide to every aspect of student life, from shopping to transport and housing.

As you prepare for your educational journey in Singapore, the “Traveling Around Singapore” episode offers vital information on making the most of Singapore’s transport system and exploring the neighboring countries. Jiayin’s experiences and insights will equip you to travel like a local, ensuring you can confidently navigate the city and the region.

So why wait? Dive into the ESSEC APAC Guide to Living in Singapore podcast series and envision your vibrant life in this multicultural city-state.