As a prospective student planning to embark on ESSEC’s Global Bachelor of Business Administration degree (GBBA) in Singapore, the ESSEC APAC Guide to Living in Singapore podcast series is your perfect guide. After exploring housing and rental, thriving, and living in previous episodes, the latest installment delves into a topic close to every student’s heart—shopping!

In the episode, host Joe Escobedo is joined by Priscilla Ayleen from Indonesia and Sagarika Majumdar from India—Student Ambassadors from the GBBA program at the Singapore campus. Their lively discussion unravels the multifaceted world of shopping in Singapore, offering invaluable tips on where to find the best deals, make the most of student discounts, discover lesser-known shopping districts, and navigate budgeting in the vibrant city-state.

Joe’s friendly and approachable demeanor and Priscilla and Sagarika’s first-hand experiences and insights create an engaging listen for anyone eyeing Singapore as their study destination. The duo’s unique experiences offer a comprehensive view of Singapore’s diverse shopping scene, making this episode a must-listen for students preparing to immerse themselves in Singapore’s vibrant lifestyle.

Singapore is a renowned shopping paradise, and the city-state’s array of retail options can often be overwhelming. Priscilla and Sagarika’s practical insights into navigating these options and their anecdotes about discovering hidden shopping districts and best deals equip listeners with essential knowledge.

Whether budget-conscious or looking to splurge occasionally, the shopping strategies shared in this episode will help students plan their purchases effectively.

This episode builds on the richness of the previous ones, “Thriving and Living” and “Housing and Rental,” providing listeners with a 360-degree view of student life in Singapore. The podcast series aims to facilitate a seamless transition into student life, making students feel at home when they arrive in the city-state.

As you prepare for your GBBA degree in Singapore, the insights shared by Priscilla and Sagarika in the “Shopping” episode will undoubtedly prove invaluable. From scoring student discounts to budgeting effectively, these insights will help you make the most of the city-state’s bustling shopping scene while balancing your academic pursuits.

Why wait? Immerse yourself in the ESSEC APAC Guide to Living in Singapore podcast series and begin picturing your life in Singapore’s vibrant metropolis. Start your shopping journey armed with the insights of Priscilla and Sagarika, and navigate Singapore’s shopping scene like a pro.