Launched in 2022, the ESSEC case competition provides a platform for high school hopefuls to experience the teaching of a top-level business school while participating in a real-life case challenge.

This year’s edition will bring together some of the best talents from top high schools across Asia. In line with our commitment to entrepreneurship and sustainability, ESSEC has partnered with an industry leader in Southeast Asia.

If you’re keen on enhancing your business acumen and problem-solving skills, form your teams now and join us for this exciting challenge!

What to Expect

Experience solving problems in a world-class business school environment.

Gain direct exposure to a real-life business challenge.

Enhance your resume and elevate your experience in record time.

Sharpen your entrepreneurial focus and your knowledge of sustainability issues.

You and your team will be provided with a real-life business challenge. Assuming the roles of management consultants, you will identify the core issues and create a solution for our partner company. Your team will have a specific amount of time to develop a strategy to address the key issues and present them to a panel of jury members.


1st place: Amazon voucher worth SG$2,000

2nd place: Amazon voucher worth SG$1,000

3rd place: Amazon voucher worth SG$500



1 July 2024
Registrations open

29 July 2024
Q&A session

10 August 2024
Registrations close

24 August 2024
Company and case reveal

28 August 2024
Meet the jury

31 August to 13 September 2024
Seven workshops and two coaching sessions
Online | Scheduled on weekends or weekday evenings to avoid conflicts with school commitments

14 September 2024
Presentations and award ceremony

The case competition will be a hybrid event. The workshops will be delivered online, and the teams will present in person at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus or online, depending on their location.


The competition spans two weeks. The workshops and talks by faculty members and industry leaders will be held online over two consecutive weekends on 31 August to 1 September and 7 to 8 September. On 14 September, the final presentation day will be held online, with an in-person option for participants based in Singapore.

Workshop Themes

  • Problem-solving
  • Sustainability
  • Business Model & Value Proposition Canvas
  • Marketing in the Digital Era
  • Public Speaking and Personal Impact
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Partner Company

Entry rules


  • Teams can consist of 3 to 6 members from the same or different schools.
  • Team members must be high school students in Grade 10 or above.
  • Team members must be between the ages of 14 and 18.

How to apply

  • Registration is now open till 10 August 2024.
  • Only one person from each team needs to register.
  • Submit a three-minute video proposing three ideas to reduce plastic use in your school or community.
  • Only teams that have passed this mini-challenge will be invited to participate in the case competition.
Terms and conditions apply. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information.

Testimonials from 2023

Highlights: ESSEC Case Competition for High School Future Leaders 2023

The ESSEC Case Competition allows high school students to learn about business studies while tackling a real-world challenge. In this latest edition, ESSEC Asia-Pacific collaborated with Sustenir, a local superfood company promoting sustainability in Singapore, to welcome students around the world to the competition.

ESSEC Case Competition for High School Future Leaders 2023: Sustenir Partners with ESSEC to Teach Business For Good

The ESSEC Case Competition for High School Future Leaders offered 172 Asian students a real-world business challenge in partnership with Sustenir.…

It was a really insightful experience as we honed our communication skills and developed ourselves to become confident public speakers.


Anousha Gupta | International French School, Singapore

We remained true to our ideas. Referring to the advice from our coaches and mentors, we overcame the jitters and presented confidently.


Tara Joshi | United World College of South East Asia (UWCSEA) Dover, Singapore

We saw it [the Case Competition in 2023] as an opportunity to engage with the next generation of passionate leaders with a fresh perspective on addressing current issues.


Judy Cheong | Regional Head of Brand, Sustenir

Join ESSEC Case Competition for High School Future Leaders 2024 today!

Register from now till 10 Aug 2024


No fee is required to participate in the case competition.

Applications will be evaluated based on the quality of the three-minute video submission for the mini-case challenge. Only those who successfully pass the mini-challenge will be invited to participate in the case competition.

Registrants will receive an email about the outcome by 17 August. 2024.


Contact our program advisor, Annick Ladouce, at or WhatsApp +65 6413 9374 if you need more information.