Are you an international student or a recent arrival to Singapore? Eager to maximize your experience and truly immerse in its rich culture? In the premiere episode of ESSEC APAC Guide to Living in Singapore, host Joe Escobedo is joined by Indonesian Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) Student Ambassador Priscilla Ayleen. Together, they provide a comprehensive exploration of Singaporean culture and lifestyle.

The first episode, “Thriving and Living,” encompasses various topics, from culinary delights and entertainment to transportation and accommodations. Priscilla offers firsthand knowledge and practical advice on her local Singapore’s reputation for its efficient, modern transportation system, which is well-deserved, and students will find it simple to traverse the city. In this episode, Joe and Priscilla divulge their insights on optimizing public transport usage, from navigating the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) to harnessing the island’s extensive bus network.

Entertainment options abound in Singapore, and Joe and Priscilla share their favorite locales for shopping and cultural experiences, showcasing the city’s dynamic fusion of traditional and contemporary attractions. This podcast episode unveils the city’s hidden treasures and iconic landmarks, from Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay to historic enclaves such as Joo Chiat.

Adjusting to a new academic environment can prove challenging, but Joe and Priscilla offer guidance on acclimating to the scholastic culture at ESSEC APAC. They impart tips for making friends, joining clubs, and balancing academics with extracurricular activities, ensuring students can capitalize on their experiences in and out of the classroom.

Whether you’re an international student preparing to embark on your Singaporean journey or a local student intrigued by the experiences of your peers, the “Thriving and Living” episode serves as an ideal starting point.

The podcast series aims to provide valuable insights and advice on living in Singapore and navigating the unique challenges of adapting to a foreign country. Transitioning to a different environment can be daunting for international students, but with the guidance of Joe and Priscilla, you’ll be well-equipped to embrace Singapore.