• Build a strong CV and portfolio through the DMC and class projects.
  • Attend Career Services events to learn practical skills about job searching.
  • Get advice and support from one of ESSEC’s 65,000 alums or by meeting with Career Services.

ESSEC Asia-Pacific’s MSc in Marketing Management and Digital (MMD) program has opened many doors for its graduates—in digital marketing, international brand management, product management, key account management, and management consulting.

This is partly because of the MMD program’s broad curriculum, which covers a comprehensive range of marketing, strategy, and finance topics. But it is also because of the program’s range of industry-focused experiences and career services that bring lessons one cannot learn in a classroom.

Here are some pointers to look out for to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Opportunities to Lead Student Events

Each year, MMD students have a chance for either a study trip to visit businesses in a different country or a locally-held business week that invites guest speakers and industry leaders to share about their companies.

Both are an avenue for students to build their professional networks—but those who form part of the event organizing committee arguably have even more to gain.

After all, as Camille Dambre, who helped organize the 2022 business week, found, challenges no doubt will arise. She could practice her leadership skills and hone skills in planning, marketing, and running large-scale events by resolving these real-world problems.

“I consider it a personal achievement to have managed and run something for such a large audience,” she shares, adding that the experience has undoubtedly been a boon to her CV.

Class Projects to Boost Career Credentials

True to ESSEC’s learning by doing pedagogy, the MMD curriculum also offers plenty of opportunities to work with industry partners on real-world marketing problems through the annual Digital Marketing Challenge (DMC) and regular class projects.

This brings two main benefits. The first, according to Xeena Morales, who worked on a human resources project for Richemont as part of the 2021 DMC, it is the “privilege to be able to showcase yourself and what you’re capable of to such esteemed organizations while at the same time learning and gaining insights from them about the working world.”

The second, as Ziyang Wang from the class of 2022 found, is the credibility these projects add to one’s portfolio. Adding projects for Vacheron Constantin, Tiffany & Co., and Macallan to her resume gave her clarity on the career path she wanted and an edge when she met recruiters—leading to her success in scoring an internship with Christian Dior.

Career Services Workshops & Events

Another way to maximize ROI is by participating in Career Services workshops and events. From the very beginning of their MMD journey, students are offered a range of workshops covering topics such as how to craft a winning CV, use LinkedIn effectively, and network with hiring managers and professionals.

“The goal of these workshops is to get students back to basics and prepare them with practical skills for when they start their job search,” shares Venon Sim, Career Services Manager.

He adds that in addition to these workshops, there are career fairs, networking sessions, and other industry talks, all providing students with valuable opportunities to build connections and practice their job-search skills.

Easy Access to Alumni and Career Services Support

Significantly, the intimate size of the ESSEC Asia-Pacific means that the Career Services office is readily available to provide more personalized support through one-on-one career counseling.

Testament to the success of this, Jyotsana Tripathi from the class of 2021 recalls that it was through working closely with Career Services that she was able to hone her networking skills: “They gave me the confidence to approach a representative from Christian Dior Couture during a networking dinner, which led to an internship, and eventually my current position at Christian Dior,” she shares.

Students can also reach out to alumni for help. At least 65,000 ESSEC alumni are spread out across various industries, sectors, and markets—most of whom are readily contactable at networking events or through LinkedIn.

This begs the question: Will these offerings guarantee MMD students success in the working world? The short answer is yes—if students grasp the valuable opportunities and take the initiative to develop the knowledge and connections offered.