In this episode of the Career Transitions podcast, Ibaham Math Ly Roun, Vice President of Retail and Spa for the Clarins Group, shares his journey navigating career transitions across Asia. Highlights include Ibaham’s experiences at ESSEC Business School, his diverse roles in the luxury sector spanning various countries, his transition to Singapore during the pandemic to join Clarins, and insights into living in Singapore. Ibaham emphasizes the importance of staying curious, continuously learning, and embracing feedback for career growth. The episode concludes with gratitude for Ibaham’s energy and his insights from his career journey.

Episode Features

  • Diverse Career Journey: Ibaham Math Ly Roun’s career journey is incredibly diverse, spanning various roles and locations across Asia. From his early days at ESSEC Business School to his current position as Vice President of Retail and Spa for the Clarins Group, Ibaham’s story is one of adventure and growth.
  • Inspiring Insights: Throughout the episode, Ibaham shares valuable insights from his experiences, emphasizing the importance of staying curious, embracing continuous learning, and seizing new opportunities. His perspective offers listeners actionable advice for navigating their own career transitions.
  • Global Perspective: The episode provides a glimpse into the dynamic world of luxury retail in Asia, offering listeners a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities within the industry. Ibaham’s firsthand experiences in markets like Korea, Japan, and Macau enrich the conversation and highlight the importance of cultural understanding in business.
  • Personal Connection: As podcast hosts, Vanessa Iloste and Vanessa Teo bring a personal touch to the conversation, sharing anecdotes and memories of their interactions with Ibaham throughout their careers. This adds depth to the episode and creates a sense of camaraderie among listeners.

Overall, this podcast episode stands out for its engaging storytelling, insightful commentary, and actionable advice, making it a must-listen for anyone interested in career transitions and professional development.

About the Podcast

Vanessa Iloste and Vanessa Teo are HR leaders passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. Over the years, they’ve coached many people through life and career transitions, which has ignited their interest in the topic. They are fascinated with the science behind change and curious to understand the trends and patterns of successful transitions. They will bring together guests from all walks of life who have been through crucial career stages. They hope you will be inspired by learning from the experiences of others, including business leaders, executive coaches, and experts.

The podcast series is co-produced by ESSEC Asia-Pacific and Career Chrysalis.