To help ESSEC Master in Finance (MiF) students at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus find their footing in the working world, ESSEC Career Services offers various career programs to help them understand the finance sector and put their best foot forward.

These programs are carefully curated to stay abreast of the evolving workplace and involve alumni, industry experts, and external trainers that Career Services Senior Manager Theresa Chew has selected based on their experience in the finance industry.

For those looking to join the MiF program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific, here are six career initiatives you can look forward to

1 | CV Writing Support and Access to the MiF CV Book

One of the first workshops students will go through is to teach them how to write their curriculum vitae (CVs). They are given a template to follow and taught the dos and don’ts of CV writing, following which they submit their drafts to Chew.

After two or three rounds of reviews, Chew compiles the CVs into a book shared with her personal network so recruiters can reach out to students if the opportunity arises.

2 | Mock Interviews Tailored to One’s Area of Interest

Students are also allowed to practice their interview skills through mock interviews.

“Interview questions for different sectors are particular, Chew shares, explaining that this is why the MiF program divides students into groups based on the tracks they are interested in—financial markets, corporate finance, or fintech and analytics—for their interview practice. After this official session for the cohort, students are welcome to reach out to Chew for more practice, individually or in groups.

3 | The Mock Assessment Center

Another highlight is the mock assessment center, a two-day workshop that simulates the case study and group interview stage at finance interviews. Although not all students will need to go through this process during their job search, Chew believes it is valuable for students to understand the pressure they experience. Hence, they develop the skills to work fast under pressure.

“The assessors might ask tough questions like ‘What do you think your groupmate did well?’ and ‘Did you agree with the resolution and recommendations of the group?’ going through these workshops is a chance to practice having political acumen and a structured thought process,” she explains.

4 | Alumni and AlumnEye Support

Chew also regularly invites alumni to share their journeys to encourage students through their job search. In 2022, this was done through an alumni panel sharing, where the past cohort shared about the challenges and how they overcame them to find their internships, and through a networking night for the past and present students to connect and get to know each other.

In addition, MiF students also gain access to workshops run by AlumnEye—a training provider run by an ESSEC Master in Management (MiM) alumni—for support with the competitive investment banking interviews.

5 | Lessons on Networking and Building an Executive Presence

One thing students may not realize is that they are being assessed more than just by their grades or the answers they give during interviews—recruiters are also on alert for those with the right personality for the job.

This is where ESSEC Career Services’ executive presence and networking lessons come in. These workshops teach students how to carry themselves while networking or speaking to recruiters and at work so they leave a good impression and demonstrate that they are the right personality fit for the job.

6 | Exposure to Industry

Last but not least, students are given an abundance of exposure to industry. This is done through career fairs held twice a year and through a series of guest speakers brought in to share about their companies, sectors, and roles.

These speakers range from younger alumni who have taken different trajectories—from investment banking to entrepreneurship—and seasoned industry professionals with years of experience, each bringing a unique story that can encourage and inspire students with the potential a finance degree can bring.

In sum, ESSEC Asia-Pacific offers a comprehensive range of programs that evolve in tandem with the industry. As Chew puts it: “My doors are always open for MiF students to reach out with questions and advice.” Indeed, the services offered by ESSEC’s Career Services ensure students are well-prepared for the job search journey ahead of them.