Of all the undergraduate courses one can take, business administration stands out for its versatility. Business skills in finance, accounting, and more are relevant across industries, allowing students to enter diverse sectors, take on various roles, or even start their own companies.

With schools across the globe offering Bachelor of Business Administration courses, students are often spoiled for choice and turn to program rankings to decide where to study.

On this front, ESSEC Business School’s Global Bachelor in Business Administration (GBBA) program hits the mark: It’s ranked top in France by Le Figaro (2023) and l’Étudiant (2022).

Since 2020, it has also been rated by Parcoursup as the “Preferred Bachelor in Management for French high school students.”

Testament to these stellar results, 87 percent of students find employment within six months of graduation, with recruiters including Blizzard Entertainment, Google, Accenture, LVMH, and more.

But dive a little deeper and find that beyond statistics, there are compelling reasons for choosing the French school—and to complete the program in Asia.

A Chance to Experience the Excellence of European Education

“The “signature” French education style is characterized by a strong emphasis on academic rigor,” Daphne Lui, Associate Academic Director, Global BBA program, ESSEC APAC, affirms.

It stands out, however, because “although it is more formal and structured, it also encourages creativity and independence.”

This is epitomized in the GBBA program’s learning by doing pedagogy, which assesses students by what they know and how they use it.

Group projects and presentations are a staple across modules, giving students a chance to apply their classroom knowledge in real-world cases—in doing so, ensuring they also learn valuable lessons about problem-solving, collaboration, and communication, all of which are valued by recruiters.

In addition, GBBA students are required to complete at least three internships throughout their study, so unlike other fresh graduates, they enter the working world with at least 10 months of professional experience.

Be Enriched by Exposure to the Global World

True to the school’s humanist values, “the GBBA program at ESSEC promotes an international mindset, enabling students to think creatively, adapt to new environments, and work effectively with people from diverse cultural backgrounds,” Lui adds.

This is facilitated through internships and exchange programs with ESSEC’s over 175 partners in over 45 countries, including but not limited to King’s College London and University College London in the United Kingdom and Bocconi University in Italy.

It can also be achieved through double degree programs with schools like Peking University in China, Keio University in Japan, and Yonsei University in South Korea, and intercampus mobility that allows students to move quickly between ESSEC campuses in France, Singapore, and Morocco.

“By graduation, our students have studied and interned in at least two countries—and often more—during the program, giving them a broader understanding of different approaches to business,” Lui explains.

She notes that as an added advantage, “ESSEC emphasizes responsible leadership, which is an essential quality for business leaders in today’s world.”

Besides weaving these concepts into everyday classes, students may choose specialized tracks, such as the Innovation Management track with UC Berkeley or the Responsible International Leadership track with the University of South Carolina, Darla Moore in the United States.

Enjoy the Benefits of the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Experience

The unique ESSEC experience is amplified for those at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus in Singapore, where the community is intimate and diverse.

Students hail from all over the world and bring unique perspectives—so one need not even leave campus for global exposure.

Crucial to those moving away from home for the first time, Singapore is one of the safest cities in the world, ranked first on the 2022 Safety Perceptions Index, and the 9th most peaceful country based on the 2022 Global Peace Index. Both healthcare and transport are among the best in the world, adding to the ease of adapting.

These factors are perhaps why the island state is home to over 7,000 MNCs and 80 out of the world’s top 100 tech firms, including global giants like Google, Facebook, and Alibaba, as well as regional leaders like Garena, Grab, and Razer.

For undergraduates looking to carve out their first careers, the presence of these firms translates to an abundance of opportunities for internships and, possibly, even future employment.

Drawing back to the original question of why to study in a French school but in Singapore, the answer is clear, Lui says.

“Studying in an Asian French business school combines the best two worlds. It is an enriching experience for those who want to better understand business practices, values, and traditions in Asia and network with professionals in the region, which can be valuable for future career prospects.”