Built on the cobblestones of Paris in 1907, ESSEC has grown to be one of the most revered business schools in the world. After years of shaping the minds of business leaders in Europe, the institution turned its sights on Asia.

On the back of its pioneering spirit, ESSEC Asia-Pacific was launched in 2005 in Singapore. Since then, a diverse cohort of international graduates has led global businesses’ forefront.

This time, through an Asian lens. Immerse yourself in the spirit of ESSEC here in Singapore—lighting the trail of Asia’s dominance now and into the future.

Feels Just Like Home

For international students enrolling in ESSEC Singapore, adapting to the city-state is a seamless experience upon arrival. With a vast expat community in one of the world’s safest and most developed cities, nestling in Singapore feels like moving next door from home.

What can students worldwide expect when they immerse themselves in the sunny island? According to our diverse and global cohort, it is the best choice they’d ever make in their educational journey.

Students in ESSEC will enjoy a quality of life in Singapore unrivaled in Asia. The city-state ranked first in Asia and Southeast Asia by Mercer and Deutsche Bank, respectively, for its world-class infrastructure, low crime rates, business-friendly policies, and high levels of education.

While the debate rages on about the cost of living in Singapore, consumption of local goods and services is predominantly cheaper than reported. Food items like bread, rice, and eggs and services like haircuts and electricity bills cost less than in other developed countries.

In infrastructure, personal, digital, and health security, students in ESSEC will find Singapore living up to its clean and intelligent city tag in more ways than one. The little red dot is ranked second after Tokyo as the safest city in the world. The city-state is crowned number one with a coveted air, rail, and road system in infrastructure and personal security.

The crime rate is the lowest, and policing is robust. In digital and health security, Singapore is ranked second and eighth, respectively, with clean air, water and food, healthcare services, and internet connection that are widely accessible.

Singapore is also the premier destination for expats around the world, making integration for students in ESSEC that much more seamless. Where nearly one-fifth of the 5.6 million population are foreigners, Singapore claimed the top spot in accommodation quality, safety and integration, and education quality.

Ranked second overall after Switzerland, Singapore is regarded by expats as the most attractive city to live and work in—a fusion of Asian and Western cultures that feels like home.

A Gateway to a Successful Career

Singapore has been hailed as Asia’s gateway to the world for many reasons. At the heart of the oriental economic dominance is the little red dot, regarded as one of the most transparent, competitive, and innovative countries in the world.

The city-state attracts global businesses, and businesses need people, and people need leaders. ESSEC APAC shapes and prepares future leaders to be at the forefront of Asia’s growth.

It’s one thing to send a postcard from Singapore, but for the graduating classes of ESSEC, a career at the heart of Asia is one of the most potent namecards to have.

Singapore is at the heart of the work on Asia’s growing dominance. Graduates from ESSEC will be at the center of the world’s most open, competitive, seamless, and innovative smart city.

Lauded as one of the top economies in the world by everyone from the World Economic Forum to the World Bank, Singapore’s allure of ambition and determination draws the best minds and entities to its shores.

Whether an internship or gainful employment, students and alumni from ESSEC have found themselves in the offices of the global Fortune 500 and the top 100 tech companies in Singapore. With over 37,000 regional headquarters on record, the city-state is the go-to business center for multinational companies.

With a stable and safe corporate landscape, prime geographical location, and diverse culture, Singapore attracts the best businesses.

Ranked first in the world on wage growth, job security, and work-life balance, Singapore isn’t just a tourist destination; it’s a journey that takes graduates from ESSEC into a career rich with opportunities.

The city-state draws the highest caliber of talents from around the world. Combining ESSEC’s globally recognized programs, exclusive tracks, and a network of success stories in Singapore, the campus is positioning itself as the gateway for success.

The World in One Campus

ESSEC APAC is symbolic of how the globalized world has progressed. In the central region of the little red dot lies a campus colored with a tapestry of various nationalities, cultures, and ideologies.

With its French-styled education and a philosophical and experiential approach to learning, ESSEC APAC prides itself on its diverse, determined, and daring cohort and faculty.

Although the flagship business school in France has been running for over a century, the Singapore campus has exuded a young entrepreneurial spirit since its opening in 2015.

Here, with the blend of global academics and alumni, ESSEC APAC is transforming the next generation of business leaders.

Attracting students from around the world, the ESSEC APAC campus is a melting pot of ideas with a global view. The bond is unbreakable. Just ask the 55,000-strong alumni network, most of whom return to share insights and wisdom from their professional experience through talks and mentorship.

Every day is a diverse mash of global connections, bustling with networking sessions and immersive events, all enjoyed by a close-knit family of students, past and present.

The allure of ESSEC APAC’s programs comes from gaining a global perspective through an Asian lens.

With specialized tracks exclusive to Singapore focused on gaining real-world experiences, an option to study in the city-state or France, international exchanges with hundreds of university partners, and global award-winning programs designed and delivered by the Academic Directors, students don’t just earn a degree, they make a clear path towards their future.

From the onset, ESSEC APAC has placed a high importance on career development. After all, what good is knowledge if you can’t apply and be rewarded for it?

With an exhaustive list of career-oriented programs, from talks to mentorship and workshops to counseling, ESSEC is designed for students to succeed in the real world.

ESSEC APAC in Singapore offers an unparalleled educational journey, combining French-styled, globally-recognized business education with a vibrant, multicultural campus experience.

Positioned in one of the world’s most dynamic and safe cities, it provides a perfect blend of academic rigor, practical exposure, and cultural diversity. This environment fosters not just academic brilliance but also personal growth and global networking opportunities.

ESSEC APAC’s commitment to shaping future leaders is evident in its extensive alumni network, career-focused programs, and its status as a gateway to successful careers in the global business landscape. As it continues to evolve, the business school remains a beacon for aspiring business professionals seeking a world-class education with an Asian perspective.