• Learning by doing and internship opportunities prepare students well for the working world.
  • International exposure starts on campus thanks to the diverse population.
  • Clubs and organizations enrich the student experience.

With interests from music to art and traveling, Sagarika Majumdar, Sumaiya Ahmad, and Nandini Kumar sought an environment that would feed their curiosity, challenge their limitations, develop their skills, and equip them to take on the global world.

Because of its vibrant student life, opportunities for learning by doing, and a myriad of exchange opportunities, the Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific was perfect.

A Hands-On Approach To Learning

The GBBA’s broad curriculum and learning by doing pedagogy were significant pull factors.

“I felt the modules we could take, from marketing and financial accounting to entrepreneurship, law, and more, would help me understand a wide variety of topics, equip me with the interdisciplinary skills needed for the professional world, and also help me have a better idea of what I wanted to pursue in the future,” Sagarika shares.

She adds that the theories learned are brought to life through various group projects and presentations, which allow students to apply their knowledge in real-world cases and develop valuable soft skills that will benefit them in the workplace.

In fact, GBBA students are also required to undertake three separate internships, giving them 10 to 16 months of professional experience by the time they graduate—a feature that drove Sumaiya to choose the GBBA program.

“I hope these experiences will help me improve my communication and presentation skills, and I can gain good professional exposure through my internships,” she says.

Opportunities to Go Global

The three were also attracted to their exposure to multicultural environments.

In their third and fourth years, GBBA students get to go on exchange at one of ESSEC’s over 175 partner universities or can choose to spend a semester at ESSEC’s France and Morocco campuses through the school’s intercampus mobility program.

Worth noting, though, is that students need to stay on the Singapore campus for an international experience. Living in the cosmopolitan country of Singapore has already exposed them to Chinese, Indian, Malay, and Eurasian cultures.

The ESSEC Asia-Pacific student body is also diverse, with students hailing from countries in Europe and Asia.

By emphasizing group work in the classroom, ESSEC ensures students can get to know classmates from different cultures.

The school also requires students to be fluent in English, French, and a third language, Sagarika shares, adding that these language classes are another avenue for students to gain insights into other cultures.

“It’s been great to improve my language abilities by learning French on an intermediate level. This emphasizes the international feel unique to ESSEC,” she enthuses.

Outside the classroom, ESSEC facilitates cultural exchange with campus-wide activities to celebrate festivals from different cultures.

Of the many events she experienced in her first year, Sumaiya admits that her favorite was the ESSEC Global Village, where students celebrate and share their cultures through music, dancing, and food.

Empowered by a Vibrant Student Life

Students like Sagarika, Sumaiya, and Nandini have diverse interests and will be pleased to find avenues to develop their passions outside of the classroom through various clubs and associations.

For example, students can join the Entrepreneurship Club or Investors Club to further their professional ambitions or pursue their hobbies with activities conducted by the Foodies Club, the Climbing Club, or the Running Club.

“Being in a club has improved my skills in working with a team and bringing ideas to fruition,” Sagarika, Director of Events for the Entrepreneurship Club, shares.

Nandini, who took on the role of Social Media Manager for the Volunteering Club, concurs.

Having chosen the GBBA program with hopes she would develop her confidence and social skills, she was pleased to find these activities, coupled with the career services support, helped her land her first internship at the clothing label All Citizens.

“My advice is to make the most of every opportunity possible,” she declares. Because just as she, Sumaiya, and Sagarika have found, at ESSEC Asia-Pacific, there is an abundance of avenues to learn and grow—if one is willing to try.