• The ESSEC Global BBA program offers many opportunities for those looking to build international careers.
  • Students have the opportunity for hands-on learning through internships.
  • A tight-knit support system makes it easy for European students to adapt.

For ESSEC Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) student Farah Badi, the decision to study at the school’s Singapore campus was not part of the plan. “My parents were initially too worried to let me study so far from France,” she explains.

Her desire to study abroad eventually won out, and now that she has arrived at the Singapore campus, Farah can safely say that this has been one of the most significant decisions of her life: “I am thrilled to be here and to have this amazing opportunity, and I don’t regret my choice at all.”

Lynda Kamoun and Giulia Gwendolyn Martinuzzi, fellow GBBA classmates who also decided to study in Singapore, echo Farah’s sentiments, agreeing that many unique opportunities were opened when they chose to study at ESSEC Asia-Pacific.

Drawn to ESSEC’s Unique International Offerings

This is firstly because of the unique international opportunities afforded at ESSEC Asia-Pacific. Besides gaining similar access to ESSEC Business School’s exchange program partners and intercampus mobility, European students at ESSEC Asia-Pacific have the advantage of learning about an entirely new Asian culture.

“Growing up in Luxembourg where expats from the region were aplenty, Giulia jests that there were “more European nationalities than students” in her class.

As such, she says: “I didn’t think I would have a taste of new culture if I went to any European country, and thought it would be better to immerse in a completely new culture in Asia, instead.”

Lynda notes that there are advantages to this also because of Asia’s growing economic power and Singapore’s proximity to emerging markets.

As someone who aspires to work in global institutions like the United Nations and pursue a double degree at South Korea’s Yonsei University, starting at ESSEC Asia-Pacific seemed like the natural step to gaining the intercultural skills needed.

“If you seek an international environment, studying at ESSEC Asia-Pacific is the best option. You can meet people from different backgrounds and learn from them,” she affirms.

Development Through Professional Experiences

All three were also drawn to the GBBA program’s mandatory three-month summer internship and one-month humanitarian or social work project.

“I will experience working in a company for the first time and will be able to put what I have learned throughout the year into practice,” Farah says, adding that as she is still uncertain about her future career goals, she is excited for how the internships she takes will allow her to explore, and in turn give her clarity on what industry and role she wants to pursue after graduation.

Having completed her summer internship as a marketing intern at Luxembourg’s national airline, Luxair S.A., Giulia testifies to the benefits these internships bring: “I gained a lot of knowledge that I can apply in further working experiences which I  believe looks good on the CV, and will give me an advantage over other students who do not have such experience,” she shares.

Perks of Being at ESSEC Asia-Pacific

But was it easy to move across the world and start a new life? No, Giulia says, admitting that one of her biggest fears had been that she would be lonely and unable to make friends. “I overcame the fear because I knew we were all in the same situation. We are all in a new country, yet we are together and have each other,” she explains.

Support is readily available, partly because the campus’s small size also allows students to get more personalized attention from their professors and the Career Services office. “I feel that teachers are there for their students compared to bigger universities, where it may be difficult to get such individualized support,” Lynda observes.

In any case, there are benefits to living far from home, Farah chimes in. “I’ve become more confident and comfortable in social settings since coming here. I also think being here has made me more responsible,” she says.

She advises future students to take the chance and come to ESSEC Asia-Pacific. “Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone; it can only benefit you. Enjoy this experience as much as possible,” she concludes.