“My finance internship at AIA,” recalls Anh Kiet Nguyen, “marked an important milestone for me.” With only 12 months to go in the four-year Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA), Kiet is already reaping the fruits of his labor.

Kiet, a slim, bespectacled Vietnamese, is part of a tapestry of global students at the ESSEC campus in Singapore. Most students are far from home, but the campus has become some sort of intellectual abode of diversity—a home away from home. But all the students are oriented with the same goal—to develop a successful global career.

Like Kiet’s experience in AIA, students at ESSEC take on an internship anywhere in the world for up to 16 months. Students can start their journey in the Singapore or France campus and enroll in exchange programs with one of ESSEC’s 170 partners, including the University of Michigan in the United States, King’s College in the United Kingdom, and the National University of Singapore.

“My studies in Singapore and France and my exchange at the University of Michigan,” Kiet reflects, “have shaped me into a global citizen. The Global BBA (GBBA) program provides exceptional lectures, networking events, and exchange opportunities.” Students also have the flexibility to choose their electives and when to complete the different components.

Kiet’s peer and fellow countryman, Minh Canh Nguyen, agrees and points to the kaleidoscope of career-oriented opportunities at ESSEC.  “The international exposure, networking skills gained, and practical knowledge acquired have enabled me to secure a summer internship at a global bank,” Canh says.

He adds, “I met classmates from around the world and networked with professionals through academic events such as the National Investment Banking Competition. I also embarked on a school-initiated cultural trip to Bali and befriended peers from other programs.”

A Master in Finance (MiF) graduate, Canh also attributes his success to a shift in mindset. “This environment acquaints me with open-mindedness, willingness to listen, and confidence in speaking with strangers who have completely different backgrounds.”

At ESSEC, it’s about its top-rated academic prowess and spirit of transforming learners into leaders.

Founded on the cobblestones of Paris in 1907, ESSEC has continued to groom future captains of the industry for over a century. It is currently one of the highest-ranked business schools in the world, with over 6,000 students from 100 countries and an alumni network that is 60,000 strong.

Ninety-eight percent of graduates in the GBBA program are employed within six months and enjoy a competitive starting salary of over VN$1 billion a year. Top recruiters include J.P. Morgan, KPMG, McKinsey, Microsoft, Chanel, Adidas, and Ubisoft.

While Canh joins an exclusive network of graduates, Kiet has about a year to go before he leaves the nest. “I feel ever more confident about my future career,” Kiet says. Students like Kiet and Canh are carrying the Vietnam flag proudly in ESSEC’s close-knit and diverse community. These dragons have nowhere to ascend to but onto the global stage.