• Emilie Henon testifies how the SMIB program is perfect for students looking to enter Consulting.
  • ESSEC APAC puts a strong emphasis on preparing students for professional life.
  • Industry exposure through the Asian Strategy Challenge consulting mission gives students a professional edge.

Emilie Henon’s resume is impressive: While completing her Bachelor’s degree from EDHEC Business School, she worked as a Financial Analytics Intern and Financial Accounting Intern at multiple French and Belgian companies, did an exchange program at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, qualified as a semi-finalist of the L’Oreal Brandstorm competition and more.

With her extensive studies and work experience, it may surprise some that she would still pursue further education.

However, Emilie joined the ESSEC Master in Strategy & Management of International Business (SMIB) program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific, confident that the experience will bring her skills to the next level.

Could you tell us about your career goals?

I am passionate about consulting—finding inefficiencies, and building client solutions. As such, my dream job is to be a consultant, creating value for businesses by providing strategic insights and recommendations.

Shortly, I plan to work at a top management consulting firm in Singapore, preferably working closely within the finance and technology industries.

After acquiring work experience there, I want to become a senior manager actively involved in deploying strategic initiatives and spearheading impactful projects.

With time, I should have marketable skills that will allow me to contribute to different projects in different industries.

How do you hope the SMIB program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific will support these career goals?

The experience ESSEC offers is unbeatable when it comes to building a career. Apart from the school’s quality of education, I wanted to be surrounded by like-minded, hardworking individuals as it motivates me to improve myself.

On top of that, I was drawn to the school’s extensive network of alumni who work at top firms and hold top management positions.

I chose to study on the Singapore campus because I fell in love with the vibrant Asian city when visiting in the past, and I knew that I wanted to come back.

More than just loving the city, I wanted to develop my network in Asia and learn more about doing business there.

The program has helped in this regard: I have been exposed to local experts and industry players in Singapore, and I’ve come to appreciate how entrepreneurial, innovative, and well-connected the city is.

It makes sense for me to start my career here.

What would you say is the difference between ESSEC and your previous schools?

Compared to my other schools, ESSEC strongly focuses on preparing its students for the professional world.

I was pleasantly surprised by the school’s emphasis on developing our networking and public speaking skills—the school truly prioritizes teaching students the essentials for career preparation.

On top of this, the Career Services office offers unparalleled support. They are easy to contact, alert us to potential job opportunities, and very dedicated to supporting the student body.

The diversity of the SMIB cohort and positive class environment have also been a driver of a great experience in Singapore—I love our class spirit!

How has the experience supported your professional development?

I was able to participate in the Asian Strategy Challenge (ASC), a unique initiative under the SMIB program that allows us to consult for actual companies in Singapore.

The project I worked on allowed me to gain new skills and use my financial background while exploring a sustainability-related topic.

I had no prior experience with this, but as sustainability becomes a more significant challenge in the coming decades, having this experience will give me an edge.

Finally, the study trip to Bangkok allowed me to meet professionals working in startups, MNCs, and government agencies and understand the Thai market.

It helped me move closer to my goals of starting a regional career by broadening my network and giving me direct insights into a booming Asia-Pacific country.

What do you hope to achieve as a Student Ambassador?

I am someone who believes in the importance of building a community.

When I chose to study in a different ESSEC campus, the student ambassadors in Singapore helped me navigate any doubts about the program.

That is why I decided to become a student ambassador myself. I want to contribute to the school’s success by guiding juniors to start their own ESSEC adventure.