For French national Antoine Habay, doing a Global Bachelor in Business Administration (GBBA) at NEOMA Business School was an enriching time that allowed him to spend a year on exchange at Kozminski University in Warsaw, intern at Louis Vuitton as a sales advisor and do an apprenticeship at American Express as a product marketing assistant.

These experiences helped him narrow his career focus to the luxury sector and digital marketing.

Eager to hone his expertise and start a career in luxury marketing, he joined the MSc in Marketing Management and Digital (MMD) program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific.

Could you tell us about your career goals? How did the MMD program align with your aspirations?

I want to pursue a digital marketing career in the luxury industry. In the short term, I hope to work in growth, product, or brand marketing—roles that can expose me to different functions and emphasize using Web 3.0 to connect brands with customers.

In the long run, I plan to move into a management role and become a director or head of a marketing department.

Therefore, the MMD curriculum’s focus on digital marketing and luxury brand management appealed to me as it would allow me to develop the necessary skills.

I was attracted by the courses, the annual study trip to an overseas country, and opportunities for industry exposure through the Digital Marketing Challenge (DMC)* and projects with luxury brands.

Notably, the MMD program would allow me to study in Singapore, which was perfect as I wanted to live abroad and gain more international exposure.

*The Digital Marketing Challenge (DMC) allows MMD students to work with an industry partner to brainstorm marketing strategies that solve real-world business problems.

Why was international exposure so vital to you?

I’ve always enjoyed the new experiences that living and studying abroad brings! Having spent time in Poland for my exchange, I knew I wanted to embark on a new adventure in a multicultural environment.

Being in Singapore would allow me to venture out of my comfort zone and develop greater cultural sensitivity and critical thinking—skills, which I believe are crucial for aspiring luxury marketers.

The opportunities that come from being in such a dynamic environment are something I would not find in a small town in France.

How has the MMD experience supported you in your career goals so far?

So far, all my courses are meaningful and relevant to my future career. Most of these courses involve a group project where we apply concepts we have learned.

These projects are an excellent way to practice our skills and learn from our mistakes.

The career services support has also been good. There have been events and workshops that prepare us for the job search.

The alumni experience has also been exciting and offered me many insights and advice for those who want to join the technology industry.

Finally, my classmates come from a wide variety of backgrounds and countries. Each experience with them is meaningful—I’ve learned a lot and gained more international exposure as I build deeper relationships with them.

Do you have any advice for future MMD students?

The international exposure you will get in Singapore is one of the greatest strengths of the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus. I recommend going there because you’ll love your program, classmates, teachers, and country. It’s truly a unique experience!