The ESSEC Master in Finance (MiF) is consistently ranked as one of the top in the world and in 2022, more than half of the students secured work even before graduation.

These stellar results can be credited to MiF program’s career-oriented approach and strong career services support— features that are arguably amplified at the close-knit Asia-Pacific campus.

For those considering embarking on a MiF journey in Singapore, here are four highlights to look forward to.

#1 Personalized Career Services Support

Career support at ESSEC Asia-Pacific includes but is not limited to a comprehensive suite of workshops, ranging from CV writing to networking, mock interviews and even mock assessments that stimulate the group interview stage that finance job interviews are known for.

On top of this, there is also individual support— something that is made possible by the intimate, close-knit cohort. For MiF student Elsa Saada, this translated to the career services advisor compiling her cohort’s CVs into a book and sending it out to companies. This led to Corecam Capital Partners reaching out to her for her first internship opportunity.

“I forwarded the email to the MIF Career Services advisor, and asked for help on how I should prepare. She advised me to get a full job description, and guided me on the right questions to ask as well as what I should expect,” Elsa says, adding that this advice played a big part in smoothing her journey in the finance world.

#2 Opportunities to Network

Another highlight is the opportunity to meet with and learn from industry professionals and alumni through guest talks and company visits. Both are a way for students to better understand the possible roles in the finance industry, and talks are held as frequently as once a week.

“The talks give us access to people who are very successful in the finance sector, and sometimes they can even direct us to the right people to speak to for our future careers,” Elsa explains.

They are also a good platform to practice networking, Student Ambassador Jing Xu chimes in. “As I graduated from engineering school, it does not come naturally to me to know how to network. But this is one of the most important skills for the finance sector, so I’m glad ESSEC emphasized it, provided us with the necessary tips, and organized events for us to try it out,” she says.

#3 Exclusive Access to AlumnEye

Thanks to the Cergy Career Services team, MiF students at ESSEC Asia-Pacific have access to AlumnEye, a training provider that specializes in preparing students for the competitive investment banking interviews.

AlumnEye courses usually cost around 3,000EUR, but MiF students attend at zero additional cost. They also continue to receive AlumnEye support virtually throughout the year, and can tap into AlumnEye’s exclusive database of interview feedback from candidates to prepare for their interviews.

#4 Valuable Insights on Asia

Last but not least, being at ESSEC Asia-Pacific is a chance to learn about Asia, a region with growing influence on the global economy. MiF students can hone their cultural knowledge of the region by living in Singapore— one of the top financial centers of the world, and through a study trip to another financial center in the region.

It is also only at ESSEC Asia-Pacific that one can specialize or take modules from the Fintech and Analytics track. With AI and blockchain disrupting the financial services sector, the rise in trends like robo investors and embedded finance, and the overall fintech market size projected to reach almost $700 billion by 2030, having these future-ready skills are no doubt valuable no matter the role or company one intends to join.