In many ways, ESSEC Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) third-year student Ishita Goel is just like any other 20-year-old student.

She enjoys cycling, sports like basketball and swimming, cafe-hopping, and hanging out with her friends in her free time.

How does the aspiring finance professional keep her social life while still getting on ESSEC GBBA’s coveted Dean’s List each semester?

Was the Dean’s List part of your plan? Why?

I heard about the Dean’s List before officially starting at ESSEC and decided I wanted to be on it.

When I researched the exchange programs that ESSEC offers, I wanted to do mine at the National University of Singapore (NUS), but I also found out that it is one of the toughest to get a place in.

I realized I’d have to maintain my position on the Dean’s List to achieve it, and I am proud to say I’ve succeeded. I will be joining NUS for my exchange in January 2022.

You’ve been on the Dean’s List for three semesters and counting. Is it challenging to maintain this?

If you manage your schedule well, you will find time to do the work and spend time with your friends.

I have noticed that each course at ESSEC is structured to help you maximize your learning outcomes and that if I consistently pay attention in class, I will only need to spend less time revising later.

It was challenging when the pandemic started, as I was back in my home country doing online classes. The time difference meant that classes began at 6:30am for me.

Thankfully, the professors were very understanding and helpful. Besides staying after class to help answer questions, they also scheduled extra sessions to clarify my doubts about different topics.

Your parents must be very proud. How do they feel about your accomplishments?

I am very close to my parents, so they knew how much I wanted to make it to the Dean’s List.

The first time I told them, they jumped excitedly, and I could see how happy and proud they were.

I’m so glad that I have made them proud.

What are the changes you have seen in yourself since joining ESSEC?

I used to be very shy, so presenting in front of so many people would be something that made me nervous.

My confidence level has increased drastically thanks to the multiple group projects in ESSEC.

I love presenting now. Getting on the Dean’s List also boosted my confidence because it showed me that I could achieve things if I put my mind to it.

What wisdom do you have for other aspiring Dean’s List students?

We are constantly told in advance about deadlines and upcoming projects, so list the tasks to do and prioritize them according to the urgency and time needed.

I also like to change my study location occasionally to keep things fresh.

Ultimately, my advice is to keep your goals in mind, stay motivated, believe in yourself, and manage your time so you don’t have to give up on having fun.