With over 200 electives, 50 specializations, and the freedom to mix in international and professional experiences for a learning journey unique to oneself—the flexibility of the ESSEC Master in Management (MiM) program is the career explorer’s dream.

Throw in how one need not accumulate years of work experience before qualifying, and the program is the perfect fit for young professionals with a wide range of diverse interests.

Indeed, ranked sixth in the world and top in Asia, the MiM program is the first choice for students in France and worldwide.

Although the world is their oyster, many have decided to start their journey at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus in Singapore. Here is why:

1 | To Ride on the Growth of Asia

First and foremost, this is because of the campus’ location in the heart of a rising economic power.

“I recognized that exposure to Asian business is important because if you look at investments directed to emerging markets and Asia’s economic dominance, it is evident that companies will require those with an in-depth understanding of business in the region,” MiM student and aspiring management consultant Aditya Arya says.

To him, the MiM program at ESSEC Asia-Pacific is tailored to the regional context, which is an advantage for his future in a global career.

2 | Singapore’s Unique Position

Aditya’s classmates concur, citing Singapore’s unique position as home to an estimated 37,000 international companies and 7,000 multinational companies and as a global leader in areas like tech, healthcare, and finance as an appeal.

While these statistics alone can arguably translate to an abundance of opportunities, they also feel that these opportunities are more easily unleashed with the power of the ESSEC network.

“The ESSEC network is huge, so don’t underestimate it,” MiM student Pierre Gosset advises. As a pharmacy student keen on taking on a finance role in big pharma or biotech, he tapped into an ESSEC networking event in Singapore to connect with a representative from APACMed, the regional association for Asia’s MedTech industry.

One thing led to another: His contact invited him to a healthcare event, and from there, he continued networking and secured his first Asia internship.

3 | ESSEC Asia-Pacific MiM Exclusives

Particularly attractive to MiM students is also the program offerings that are exclusive to ESSEC Asia-Pacific students. For Aurore Ducellier, who is keen on entrepreneurship, the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability track sealed the deal.

For many others, the Junior Consultant Experience (JCE), where, as the name suggests, students consult for global companies to resolve real-world challenges, has the most significant pull.

“We learned the basics of consulting, like gathering the necessary information and generating insights and deliverables,” Yuchen Wu, who worked with Eurogroup Consulting and Bollore Logistics for his JCE, shares.

“Overall, I found this a valuable challenge that helped my development tremendously. If consulting is your dream career, you will not want to miss this opportunity,” he recommends.

4 | To Ease into a Global Adventure

Last, but not least, ESSEC Asia-Pacific appeals simply because it makes it easy for students—especially those who may not have lived abroad before—to adapt to the global world.

This is possible because of the diversity of the MiM cohort in Singapore and how the intimate community is conducive to fostering solid relationships.

“As I come from Spain, I felt I would be used to the European style of education, and at the same time, would still be able to meet people from different parts of the world,” Justina Hu explains of her choice.

Rahul Sharma concurs, adding that he has interacted with students from Italy, Croatia, China, Spain, and more—all of whom “have a different experience and are eager to connect and share.”

For him, like the other MiM students, these experiences are an opportunity to build their intercultural competencies and the relationships they need to sustain them as they embark on the next phase of their MiM journeys—whether in Singapore, France, or elsewhere.