• ESSEC Master in Management program offers flexibility for students to explore career choices.
  • ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus brings unique Asian perspectives.
  • Intimate campus life has its advantages.

When Justina Hu graduated from Universidad Carlos III de Madrid with a dual degree in law and business administration in 2021, she was undecided about her future career.

She had a stint as a sales associate at Montblanc and a public relations internship at a fashion start-up in Shanghai, so she thought luxury or management consulting would be areas she was keen on.

But upon speaking to professionals in the field, she was advised to improve her chances with a master’s degree.

Many, like her, experience the same uncertainty, as with little work experience and a general degree under their belt, it is understandable they want to keep their options open as they explore possible career paths. This is where the ESSEC Master in Management (MIiM) offers a solution.

The program is known for its flexibility: With 50 specialization tracks, over 200 electives, and 11 double-degrees, students can explore and customize an academic journey that fits their unique interests.

“I felt that by providing us with freedom but also enough knowledge and guidance to make the most adequate choices regarding our future careers, the MiM would be an opportunity to gain the wisdom I need to decide on my future career,” Justina shares.

The Asia-Pacific Appeal

She adds that having grown up in Spain, she was also keen to have experience in Asia, making the option to begin at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus in Singapore an advantage. “

“I felt I was lacking in my knowledge and needed an international experience to broaden my horizons,” she explains, noting that ESSEC Asia-Pacific fits perfectly as it would offer a European-styled education she was familiar with but in an entirely international environment.

Aurore Ducellier, a French national who, like Justina, also joined the MiM program in 2022, shares her sentiments. After graduating from Université Paris Nanterre, Aurore, too, was uncertain about her future career.

Being in Singapore, she thought, would be a way to improve her command of the English language and demonstrate her openness to experience—both of which could impress recruiters.

ESSEC Asia-Pacific Exclusives

Desirable to Aurore was the Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability track, exclusively available to those in Singapore, that would let her become part of the Silicon Valley of Asia and potentially bring business ideas to life.

This, along with the Business Management in Asia, Corporate Finance, and Fintech in Asia tracks, all offer those hoping to start in the region an advantage of understanding the cultural nuances.

Other highlights at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus include the Junior Consultant Experience (JCE) and the Asian Strategy Consulting Project (ASCP), which, as their names suggest, offer students the chance to act as consultants and help companies solve their real-world business problems.

To augment the experience, the 2022 ASCP cohort attended workshops with experts to brainstorm on the theme “Innovating within Planetary Boundaries,” while those participating in the JCE enjoyed guest talks from professionals from IBM Consulting Asia-Pacific, McKinsey & Company as well as Eurogroup Consulting.

The Perks of an Intimate Campus

For those like Justina who are considering consulting roles, experiences like the JCE and ASCP offer a platform to understand more about the field and the requirements to enter.

But aside from these programs, there is also a myriad of career services workshops and networking events for students to explore the industries and roles they are keen on.

“I really enjoy the fact that there are so few students and the staff and faculty are easily contactable,” she shares, adding that she has signed up as a Student Ambassador and Career Ambassador to help other students achieve their potential.

“It also means we can get to know our classmates better and that the administration is fast and efficient at helping us,” Aurore chimes in, adding that just a few months into her journey, she is confident her time in Singapore will be “life-changing.”

It may be too early for Aurore or Justina to see the effects of their MiM journey, but Justina is optimistic that these little details will make a big difference in her future.

Her advice to potential MiM students? “Do not stress that you don’t know what to do in the future; ESSEC provides many options that allow you to try out all opportunities.”