Lucas Le Brazidec developed an interest in Asia while studying in Hong Kong. So when the French national could choose where to start the ESSEC Master in Management (MiM) program, the answer was obvious: Singapore.

“It was a chance to learn more about the region, explore and travel,” he says.

He acknowledges that a move abroad is often a huge step out of one’s comfort zone for many. But in his experience, there is plenty to be excited about—especially if one chooses ESSEC Asia-Pacific.

Enriched by Diversity

One of the first things that struck Lucas and fellow MiM Student Ambassador from India, Nikita Masurkar, was the sheer diversity of the student body at the Singapore campus.

This is firstly seen in the countries they hail from—France, India, China, and more—but also in the countries they’ve lived in.

“You might meet someone who is French but who has lived in a different part of the world for some time, and they carry that culture with them as well,” Nikita explains, adding that this opens the door to new connections and perspectives, especially during group work.

Lucas agrees. “I find it beneficial to learn from people who have worked in different fields and countries because we see things differently. When we work together, we learn from each other. It’s super interesting to see our skills come together,” he says.

Encouraged by the Community

Lucas adds that it also helps that almost everyone in his cohort is also an international student. “We don’t know anyone, so everyone is in the mood to meet new people, and we have lots of activities to do with each other,” he says.

“No one in the program is omitted, and who doesn’t have someone to talk to,” he adds.

Nikita chimes in that this is partly because of the size of the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus. Compared to if she were in a bigger school, here, “I know everybody by name, and I have a relationship with everyone.”

“That’s the benefit of being a small group in a small country. I’ve easily made friends from different cultures. We have regular hangouts, and there’s always an opportunity to network and speak to each other,” she says.

Excited by Student Life Activities

Nikita elaborates that these opportunities to network extend beyond the MiM cohort through various student life activities.

For example, she recalls how the Indian Club brought students from all programs together on a dance night to share their culture.

As president of the BDS (Bureau des Sports) and a fitness enthusiast, she is eager to bring new team-building activities to the rest of the school.

Lucas, too, is excited about the prospects of participating in the Finance Club and Climbing Club and joining ESSEC Master in Strategy and Management of International Business (SMIB) students to work on a strategy consulting project for an NGO.

Their time at the MiM program is still in its early days, but they are certain they have no regrets about starting in Singapore.

“I’ve understood the city and feel familiar with the people here. It’s almost like I’ve been in Singapore forever, and that comforts me,” Nikita says.

Lucas agrees. “If I had to choose again, I’d still 100 percent pick Singapore.”