What makes one business degree holder stand out is not merely the reputation of the awarding school and GPA but also the experiences one has accumulated.

With the sheer number of internship and exchange program opportunities, ESSEC Global Bachelor of Business Administration (GBBA) graduates undoubtedly have an advantage. We speak to students and alumni about how they have used this flexibility to differentiate their portfolios and chase their dreams.

Aspiring Consultant, Niklas Schmitt

“ESSEC conditions us to think globally from day one,” Niklas Schmitt reflects. As such, with his eye on the world of consulting, he made his GBBA journey “flexible to where the best opportunities are.”

While at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus, this meant spending his first five-month internship as a Strategy Intern for Momentum Works in Singapore and his one-month social work mission helping NGO Chandara Students Home improve the educational pathways for Cambodian high school students.

It also saw him build his leadership skills and network by taking on positions such as Student Ambassador and President of the ESSEC Asia-Pacific Student Council.

The second half of his GBBA education was spent in Europe. He completed a consulting internship at German e-commerce powerhouse CHECK24, went on to a one-year exchange program at University College London, and then started another strategy internship at BMW Germany—in the process, “gaining experience with leaders in highly influential management functions.”

Then Niklas got an offer to work part-time at the global fintech organization CREALOGIX in a strategy-related role in Zurich. Thankfully for him, he says, “ESSEC has always been pretty flexible about where I am, so when I wanted to work part-time in Zurich, I could conduct my eighth semester online.”

Close to graduation and ready to embark on an MBA journey, his advice is: “Make the most of your time. Network with fellow students and grab every opportunity that comes your way—I’ve found this investment in engagement has continued to pay dividends handsomely to this day.”

Tech Explorer, Alexandre Loo

Alexandre Loo’s interests lie in leadership and management consulting. To eventually reach this goal, he knew developing versatility, cultural competencies, and people skills would be necessary.

He started at the ESSEC Asia-Pacific campus to learn more about Asia and took a consulting internship at Goliath Advisory in Singapore. After an exchange at the Cergy campus, he returned to Asia for a double-degree program with Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management in Beijing—a choice aimed at improving his Mandarin and understanding of a growing economic power.

Observing the digital disruptions worldwide spurred him to learn more about the field, and with support from an ESSEC alumna, he went on to a summer internship with EMBLOCK, a French start-up specializing in using blockchain for electric vehicle charging solutions.

He also tapped on Peking University’s capstone project to serve as a consultant for Tesla—gaining both digital knowledge and valuable consulting experience. His ESSEC journey ended with an internship in the luxury sector, where he served Jaeger LeCoultre as a CRM and retail operations intern, deepening his understanding of how tech can impact a heritage brand.

Looking back on his journey, Alexandre muses that the most meaningful part has been the people he has met. “The insights and experiences they’ve shared have helped me grow personally and taught me volumes about different cultures,” he explains, adding: “I believe this will be key to success in an international business environment.”

Enterprising Marketer, Radhika Tandon

Radhika Tandon entered ESSEC with a few goals in mind: Hone her skills in marketing, work in France, and explore the luxury or beauty sector, ideally with her dream company, L’Oreal.

Her first two years were spent in Singapore, where she ticked her first box through a combination of GBBA classes and a three-month digital marketing internship with SPRIM Singapore. Then, pandemic notwithstanding, she made the trip to the ESSEC Cergy campus.

“I thought being in Paris physically would help me network and make it easier to interview with companies to find an internship,” she explains. It did, and she spent six months as a Digital Project Manager for Your-Comics, an agency that significantly serves clients like L’Oréal, Chanel, and Dior.

Being at the Cergy campus also allowed Radhika to participate in the Leadership and Diversity chair, a professional track sponsored by L’Oreal. “This was the first time the chair was opened to GBBA students, and it allowed me to network and learn from different professionals,” she recalls.

Next up was a six-month exchange at King’s College London, where she further refined her marketing skills and understanding of Europe. With these experiences combined, she caught the attention of L’Oreal and ultimately secured her dream internship. The lesson she holds closest to her heart? “That there is nothing to lose. You can learn something from every experience—so go out there and explore!”