Graduates from the ESSEC MSc Marketing, Management & Digital (MMD) program secure roles in digital marketing, international brand management, product management, account management, product development, consulting, and more.

Testament to the program’s ranking as second on the QS 2023 Marketing Masters rankings, these jobs are found within just six months of graduation.

What is it about the program that makes MMD graduates so in demand?

1 | A Curriculum Attuned to Industry

“We’re essentially training students to become full-fledged brand consultants,” Tuck Siong Chung, Associate Professor of Marketing and Academic Director of the MMD program, explains.

He shares that students are trained in the full suite of skills from analysis to implementation of marketing strategies and even understanding the metrics to measure the success of their initiatives.

True to the program’s name, these skills are taught focusing on the digital world. This equips students with in-demand digital marketing skills that allow them access to various industry management roles.

When paired with the MMD program’s emphasis on relevant industry trends like sustainability, students graduate with suitable skills and industry know-how to thrive in the workplace.

2 | Specialized Knowledge About the Luxury Market

Christian Dior, Richemont, and LVMH are renowned companies where MMD graduates find themselves. This is credited to the MMD’s program’s focus on the luxury market.

Chung notes that this emphasis is especially salient as luxury is a booming Asian industry.

In recent years, the sector has also increased its demand for those with digital marketing skills, making the dual skill set that MMD students have an asset in the job market.

The benefits hold even for those who do not enter the world of luxury because “if you look at two websites with equivalent features, what makes you choose one over the other is its branding.

This branding focus is something luxury marketing knowledge trains you in,” Chung says.

3 | Extensive Industry Exposure

MMD students are also given abundant opportunities to try their skills in the real world. This is done through the annual Digital Marketing Challenge and luxury brand management projects.

Students work closely with ESSEC partners such as LVMH, Tiffany & Co, Cartier, Decathlon, and more to solve real-world business problems during these projects.

“They get to have actual conversations with industry partners, see what works, what is useful, and how realistic their ideas are,” Chung explains.

“Being able to talk about what I learned during my course, and all the hands-on projects like during the Digital Marketing Challenge and luxury brand module really helped during my interview,” Lorenzo Valenti, Assistant Product Manager at Cartier and alumni from the class of 2021, affirms.

He adds: “We worked in multicultural teams for most of our projects, and I found having teammates from different countries made the ideas more innovative.

This is useful because I believe I’ll work in international teams in the future and be in touch with people from all over the world.”

4 | Comprehensive Career Services

Curriculum aside, many MMD students also credit ESSEC Career Services for their unwavering support throughout the job application process—from providing emotional reassurance to interview and resume writing tips and career advice tailored to the countries they are applying to.

“Every country has its own corporate culture, and it’s imperative to be mindful of these nuances to put your best foot forward during the interview,” Ruchika Guria from the class of 2021 advises, adding that it was the ESSEC Career Services that helped her understand the expectations for her role as Assistant Client Development Manager at Christian Dior.

5 | The ESSEC MMD X-factor

Ultimately, their mindset makes ESSEC MMD students stand out the most. Looking back at the hundreds of graduates, Chung recalls stories of some whose dogged persistence convinced companies who were not initially hired to open new positions and take them on.

“Students that do well are proactive and value creators,” he shares, adding that what the program hopes to inculcate through its various initiatives is a growth mindset, a situation when “someone is constantly learning, improving, and not defeated by failure.”

This attitude, honed through MMD experiences, will add to one’s qualifications and pave the way to success—no matter the career path.