• As part of the 2023 Master in Finance Career Immersion series, students visited Crédit Agricole, JP Morgan Ardian, and Mastercard.
  • Students gained an in-depth view of work in the finance industry and how to apply for roles.
  • The networking dinner will provide opportunities to connect with Master in Finance alums.

The ESSEC Master in Finance (MiF) 2024 cohort was barely two months into their MiF journey when they were whisked out of the classroom and into financial institutions to meet and greet industry professionals from Crédit Agricole, JP Morgan, Ardian, and Mastercard.

These company visits were part of the 2023 MiF Career Immersion series, an initiative designed to introduce MiF students to the different facets of work in finance.

“By bringing students into companies, we wanted them to gain exposure to real-world applications of the concepts learned in the classroom and improve their understanding of the industry through hearing the perspectives from the company representatives,” Nicholas Lim, Senior Manager at ESSEC Career Services, explains.

Gaining an In-Depth Picture of Finance

Companies were curated to ensure each would provide a unique perspective of the finance industry.

Representatives from Crédit Agricole CIB shared about the different entities under its group: asset management firm Amundi, tech partners Azqore, and Information Systems Asia Pacific (ISAP). They also discussed corporate and investment banking roles and explained how they contribute to growing areas such as sustainable finance and project financing.

At Ardian’s private equity firm, students learned about the players involved in private equity investments, fund structures, and the company’s work in Singapore. When visiting global payments provider Mastercard, they explored interactive sandboxes, discussed super apps in finance, and understood how an organization could integrate sustainability goals.

Last but not least, at JP Morgan, students gained an in-depth view of the organization’s analyst programs available for fresh graduates, the application process, and the skills needed to thrive in different roles.

“It was precious to connect with industry experts and engage in panel discussions with representatives from different business units to gain a deeper understanding of their functions,” Student Ambassador Marie Hotton recalls.

Opportunities for Networking

Fellow MiF Student Ambassador Aamey Mehta concurs, explaining that the experience offered far more insights than he could glean from any company website or job description. “Meeting the people and seeing their day-to-day work gives you a better idea if their roles suit you,” he says.

Noting that these one-on-one conversations would be a highlight for students, Nicholas and his team at ESSEC Career Services complemented the company visits with a networking event. This allowed students to connect with alumni from companies such as Societe Generale, Equiteq, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking, BNP Paribas, and more.

“It was valuable to meet people in our shoes a few years ago and to hear about their expectations and the reality at work. It helps put things into perspective,” Aamey says.

Whether he or Marie joins any organizations they visited or if the connections made will bear fruit still needs to be seen. However, the two share that they are grateful for having these real-world experiences to give them greater clarity about their futures.